sadderday, #149


  1. This Is Not a Love Song by The Juliana Theory on Understand This Is a Dream (Tooth & Nail)
  2. 20th Century Towers by Death Cab for Cutie on The Stability E.P. (Barsuk)
  3. Home Away From Here (acoustic) by Make Do and Mend on Part and Parcel (Paper + Plastick)
  4. Hand Me Downs by Audio Learning Center on Friendships Often Fade Away (Vagrant)
  5. Excerpts from Various Notes Strewn Around the Bedroom of April Connolly Feb 24, 1997 by Cursive on The Ugly Organ (Saddle Creek)
  6. Apathy Is a Cold Body by Poison the Well on You Come Before You (Atlantic)
  7. Take Her to the Music Store by From Autumn to Ashes on Too Bad You're Beautiful (Ferret)
  8. Hardly Art by closer on All This Will Be (Lauren)
  9. Innocent Party by Jetty Bones on Old Women (Self Released)
  10. These Lights by The Forecast on Late Night Conversations (Victory)
  11. Me First by Real Friends on Composure (Fearless)
  12. Giving Up by Silverstein on When Broken Is Easily Fixed (Victory)
  13. New Year's Project by Further Seems Forever on The Moon Is Down (Tooth & Nail)
  14. Unsalted Butter by The Long Winters on The Worst You Can Do Is Harm (Barsuk)
  15. The First Anniversary of Your Last Phone Call by The Dismemberment Plan on The Ice of Boston (Interscope)
  16. Holy Fuck by I Am the Avalanche on Avalanche United (Clifton Motel)
  17. I Never Trusted the Russians by The Promise Ring on The Horse Latitudes (Jade Tree)
  18. Waiting Room by Phoebe Bridgers on Stranger In The Alps (Dead Oceans)
  19. June, Summer, Rose by Umbrellas on Umbrellas (Militia Group)
  20. All These Things by Benton Falls on Fighting Starlight (Deep Elm)
  21. 1978 by Transit on Something Left Behind (Mightier Than Sword)
  22. The Prescience of Dawn by The Weakerthans on Reconstruction Site (Epitaph)
  23. Someone Else's Bet by David Bazan on Blanco (Barsuk)
  24. In the Morning, Before Work by Owen on (the ep) (Polyvinyl)
  25. Woman (reading) by La Dispute on Rooms of the House (Better Living)
  26. Undress Me by Saves the Day on Daybreak (Razor & Tie)
  27. Pope by Copeland on Blushing (Tooth & Nail)