8/18/21 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Stay by Yellowstraps (+32 Records) New
  2. Losing My Mind by Poly Poly (Self Released) New
  3. Finally by James Vickery on Songs That Make Me Feel (TH3RD Brain)
  4. 2nd Nature by Kara Marni (Access Records) New
  5. Honey by Chocq T. (Self Release)
  6. Night Light by Farrah (DMY) New
  7. Space by Violet Jones (Z-A) New
  8. Bloom by Avgust Reign (Create Music Group) New
  9. In Too Deep by Geo Jordan on Technicolor (12 Docs) New
  10. Right Here by Temptress (DMY) New
  11. Hourglass by F.N. on Crimson EP (Self Released) New
  12. (Baby I) Need Your Love feat. ELZHI by Nicolaas (Neon Legacy) New
  13. Maraschino by 2 Man Embassy, Jake Neumar (Lowly) New
  14. Too Late by Wake The Wild (Lowly) New
  15. Get It Right feat. Monozuki by Satica on You're Glowing (Transparent Arts) New
  16. Slow Down feat. Lucky Daye (Remix) by Van Jess (RCA Records) New
  17. I Can't Wait by Ye Ale (THJ Sound)
  18. White Roses by Tyesha (Self Release) New
  19. Lock It Up feat. THEY by Emotional Oranges on The Juicebox (UMG Recordings)
  20. Que Locura (So Crazy) by J. Balvin (UMG Recordings) New
  21. Desire by LOTi (Higher Reign Records)
  22. LIfetime After LIfetime by Mekke'l Carter on It's The Vibez For Me (Self Released) New
  23. Divine by MMYYKK (Let Me Hear It Ltd.) New
  24. Nights2Long by AYELLE (Let Me Hear It Limited)
  25. Butter (Hotter Remix) by BTS on Butter (Hotter, Sweeter, Cooler) EP (BigHit Music/HYBE)
  26. Cut The BS by Maths Time Joy, Rich on Move EP (The Equation)
  27. Fading by Shenie Fogo (Self Released)
  28. Wasting Time by Wake The Wild (Lowly)
  29. Photo feat. Bang Yongguk by Moon Jongup on 1st Mini Album "Us" (BigOcean ENM) New
  30. Lotus by Jessica Domingo (Self Release)
  31. Issues by Reggie Becton (Self Release)
  32. Love Me B4 by Camille Munn (Self Release)
  33. Love Is A Losing Game by TheHonestGuy (Self Release) New
  34. NYCBB feat. Celia Tiab by 1000 Beasts (Self Release)
  35. Pressure by Kenny Lattimore (Sincere Soul Records) New
  36. Feelin' 4 U by Sidibe (Sidibe Music)
  37. Believe Me by NBDY on Tunnel Vision (Create Music Group Inc)
  38. Sneak by BETTY (Self Release)