1. Celebration by Nídia on SHOUTS 2021 (Rhythm Section International) New
  2. xephon by xphresh on xephon (3XL) New
  3. Featured Hips by Tirzah on Colourgrade (Domino) New
  4. Never Been So (feat. Jess Higgins) by Katz Mulk on Vital Attachments (Klammklang) New
  5. Jellyfish Reproduce Black Magic by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement on Jellyfish Reproduce Black Magic (Hospital Productions) New
  6. Lieve (feat. Daniel Thorne) by Holy Other on Lieve (Self-released) New
  7. A World Of Service by JASSS on A World Of Service (Tresor) New
  8. Deserts Of Social Isolation by Madteo on Head Gone Wrong by Noise (Honest Jon's) New
  9. Featured Teardrop (Слеза) by Kedr Livanskiy on Liminal Soul (2MR) New
  10. Featured Tokyo Photograph by Richard Youngs on CXXI (Black Truffle) New