9/1/21 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Yodel by Cloudchord x Soul Food Horns (Aviary Bridge Records Ltd.) New
  2. The Aura by Mekke'l Carter on It's The Vibez For Me (Self Release) New
  3. Westside by V. Cartier (Self Release) New
  4. Let's Go Home by Chazzy Green on Let's Go Home (Green Jeanz Productions) New
  5. Giving It In by Faye Meana on Sweeter Than Heaven EP (Self Release) New
  6. All Day by Wake The Wild on Made 4 U EP (Lowly) New Local
  7. 24 Hours feat. Lake by The BREED (Groove Attack) New
  8. See Me Here, See Me Now by Great Good Fine OK (Single) New
  9. Forget About It by Aria Bleu (Daydream) New
  10. Creepin' (Jonny Tobin Remix) by Johnny Burgos (Self Release) New
  11. Talk About It by MOODS (Bologie Angst) New
  12. One Night by Ellery Bonham (Same Plate Entertainment) New
  13. Red Lights (feat. Wale) by RINI (Warner Records) New
  14. A - Game by Brooke Combe (Universal)
  15. I Gotchu (End of the day) by Adrian Marcel (Third Voice Music Group) Local
  16. Privacy (Remix) by Tyler Coolidge (Over Everything) New Local
  17. You're The One by Leela James on See Me (BMG)
  18. Satisfy You by Anthony Ramos on Love & LIes (UMG Recordings)
  19. In & Out by CIX on Be OK (Interpark Corp.) New
  20. DNA by allie (Oracle Records)
  21. Glo by drumaq (Snafu Records) New
  22. Do It Anyway feat. Sara Diamond by LMNOP (Dome of Doom)
  23. Moonchild by RM of BTS on Mono (BigHIt Music/HYBE)
  24. So High feat. Ryahn by Reggie Bectom (Self Release) New
  25. Neon Peach feat. Tyler The Creator by Snoh Aalegra on Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies (Artium Records) New
  26. Endure by Kaine (Self Release) New
  27. Feel It All feat. Jay Warren (Goldcone Remix) by Angie Petty (A.Petty Music) New
  28. Highway 5 by Tony Saunders on All About Love (Baja/TSR Records) New Local
  29. Let Me In by Ruby Francis (Unity Records) New
  30. By Your Side by Evan Dawkins (Self Release) New
  31. Without Measure feat. Gia Vorne by Beso Palma on Sngle (Bueno Bueno Records)
  32. I Wonder by Park Jihoon on My Collection (NHN Bugs Corp.) New
  33. Pure Nature by Moxie Raia (Carbon Era)
  34. Honest by Plastic Skin on No Plans EP (Majestic Casual Records)
  35. Addicted 2 U by John Concepcion (Self Release) New
  36. Vivir De Nuevo by Femme Fatene (Self Release) New
  37. Something I'm Not by J.O.Y. on Blues in Osaka (Self Release)