Transfiguration #210 butterfly kisses mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. SAN / 散 by Li Yilei on 之 / OF (metron records)
  2. Mirror by Đ.K. on Eighteen Movements (Abstrakce Records)
  3. About Breathing by Healion on In Light, It Undoes Nothing... (NAFF)
  4. Sammen by En Anden on Giv Besked (oenr)
  5. Heiwa (Qnete Remix) by Umbra on Heiwa (Qnete Remix) (Magma Records)
  6. Ancient Air by DJ Panthr on 2nd Life Silk (100% Silk)
  7. Flora by Bon on Pantheon (Spatial Awareness)
  8. Momento Presente by Mas Aya on Máscaras (Telephone Explosion Records LTD)
  9. Perfectly You by Ronan on Reflections On Intrinsic Value (Eternal Ocean)
  10. Realise by Lone on Always Inside Your Head (Greco-Roman Ltd)
  11. Azarca by Alaska (Arctic Music)
  12. Solitude by Gilbert on New Reality EP (Echocentric Records)
  13. Winged by Priori on Your Own Power (Naff under exclusive license to Courage Holdings Inc.)
  14. Harrisburg by Dylan Henner on Amtracks - EP (Phantom Limb)
  15. Rare by Stones Taro on Yakusugi - EP (Lobster Theremin)
  16. Yakusugi by Stones Taro on Yakusugi - EP (Lobster Theremin)
  17. Across the Ocean (Currency Audio Remix) [feat. Benny Dayal, Priya Darshini, Warren Mendonsa, Max ZT & Komorebi] by Karsh Kale (Mighty Junn)
  18. Kaguya by Coco Bryce on Ayakashi - EP (7th Storey Projects)
  19. The Work (feat. Stunny) by Brogan Bentley on Diapason Rex (Leaving Records)
  20. Violets by Two Toke (Maison Fauna)
  21. Cloudform (Agua Pura) by Ronan on Ronan 'Return To The Sea' (eternal ocean)
  22. One Tim Road by Tim Reaper on MASSIV 10 - Remix Edition (Myor)
  23. October by Tom VR (all my thoughts)
  24. Stone Diviner by IkE on Stone Diviner - EP (Die Orakel)
  25. Love + Joy by Sempra on Diamond Life 11 (myor)
  26. Axis Mundi by Paraadiso, TSVI & Seven Orbits on Unison (SVBKVLT)