1. Pursuit by Pixel Grip on ARENA (Feeltrip) New
  2. Featured Secrets (Your Fire) by Magdalena Bay on Mercurial World (LUMINELLE) New
  3. Unraveled by Zanias on Unearthed (Fleisch) New
  4. Feels Right by Roosevelt on Polydans (City Slang) New
  5. Remaining Light by Absolutely Free on Aftertouch (Boiled) New
  6. Steel by Jane Inc on Number One (Telephone Explosion) New
  7. Fantasma by Cabiria on Ciudad de las dos lunas (self-released) New
  8. Featured heart in 2 by caro♡ on Heartbeats/Heartbreaks (PC Music) New
  9. Blindspot by Kinlaw on The Tipping Scale (Bayonet) New
  10. Night Light by Cold Cave on Fate in Seven Lessons (Heartworm Press)
  11. Showstopper by W. H. Lung on Vanities (Melodic) New
  12. Michelle Michelle by NUOVO TESTAMENTO on New Earth (AVANT!) New
  13. Footprints by FM Attack on The Never Ending (Starfield) New