World of Echo Episode 162


  1. Song IV (Quintet) by Peter Zummo on Lateral Pass (Foom)
  2. Stress Osaka by Éliane Radigue on Feedback Works 1969-1970 (Alga Marghen)
  3. Cosmic Love No. 2 by Joe McPhee on Sound on Sound (Catalytic Sound)
  4. Aspen Leaves by Tom van der Geld on Small Mountain (Marimba Music - Music for Four Marimbas) (Wergo)
  5. Kubaily Mama by Mustapha Baqbou مصطفى باقبو on Mamaryo (Sawt el Haouz)
  6. Heman Dubh by Pierre Bensusan on Nice Feeling (Déclic Communication)
  7. Dark as a Dungeon by Odetta on Odetta Sings the Ballad for Americans and Other American Ballads (Vanguard)
  8. I Want You In My Life by R. Stevie Moore on Phonograhy (HP Music)