B-Side Dreams 245 - Adrift

Music by Innovations, Boundless Relaxation, Deux Filles, The Same, Monokultur, and more.

WFMU show Question the Answer with Sara A:  https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/109762

Boundless relaxation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LJzpS-2I5w

Vazz, rereleased by the Numero Group:  https://numerogroup.com/products/your-lungs-and-your-tongue

Female Species, rereleased by the Numero Group: 


  1. Hot & Cold by The Same on Sync or Swim (Freedom to Spend)

    From Bandcamp: Before there was Rimarimba, Suffolk-born, Felixstowe-based musician and home recording enthusiast Robert Cox assembled a cast of friends, some musicians and some not so much, for an experiment in group exploration and ecstatic expression under the name The Same. Sonically and gravitationally defined by Cox’s collaboration with guitarist Andy Thomas (a partnership which formed in 1976 to record as General Motors), Sync or Swim, The Same’s one and only album, also featured keyboards by Florence Atkinson and Paul Ridout, and vocals by Robert’s sister Rebecca. Originally released in small cassette and vinyl quantities on Unlikely Records, Cox’s imprint and a meeting point for many other musicians found at the fringe, the back cover of the original album jacket is as much a map of the personnel, place, and process fundamental to Sync or Swim as it is a table of contents for DIY music-making at the beginning of the 80s: “Recorded in peaceful Wiltshire between September 18th and October 6th 1981 (using a miscellany of home made devices) onto a Teac A-3300SX via a Teac A-3440. No noise reduction systems were used.” Cox’s own definition of British psychedelia is “folk music meeting technology and going bonkers.” It’s by this definition that Sync or Swim takes unexpected forms, from tape-speed tomfoolery, concrète sound collage and analog delayed marimbas, to the colorful spectrum of interwoven guitar play between Cox and Thomas reminiscent of Ghanaian Highlife but more accurately indebted to Jerry Garcia. On the album’s culminating final track, “E Scapes,” all of these elements are brought together in twenty-minute journey through layers of chiming guitar loops and spritely solos, keyed percussion, and tape experiments, all played as though the sun were rising over the standing stones of Salisbury Plain. Cox would later go to similarly greath lengths with certain solo sound endeavors, but the confluence of musicians on “E Scapes” pushes the piece to exceptional, unforgettable heights. Transferred and remastered from the original tapes, The Same’s Sync or Swim arrives June 4, 2021 on Freedom To Spend, just in time for the album’s 40th anniversary. credits released June 4, 2021 Recorded in peaceful Wiltshire between September 18th and October 6th 1981 (using a miscellany of home made devices plus an Ibanez AD 150 Analog Delay, Bi-Pak Graphic Equalizers, a Small Stone Phaser, a Pignose and Maplin Spring Lines) onto a Teac A-3300SX via a Teac A-3440. No noise reduction systems were used. Come! Mend! On behalf of Robert Cox, a portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit Waves for Water, who are fighting for access to clean water for all of those who need it. wavesforwater.org license

  2. L'Intrigue by Deux Filles on Silence and Wisdom (Papier Mache)

    1981 originally released.

  3. I Woke Up by The Cannanes on A Love Affair With Nature (Chapter Music)

    Self released in 1989, Rereleased by Chapter Music in 2016

  4. Moderation by Cate Le Bon on Pompeii (Mexican Summer)
  5. I So Liked Spring (1996 Version) by Linda Smith on Till Another Time: 1988-1996 (Captured Tracks)
  6. Tale of my lost love by Female Species on Tale of my lost love (Numero Group) Info

    New Group originally from circa 1966, this is a new compilation. La Luz covered this song.

  7. Seabird by Innovations on Single (1977) (Mag)
  8. Misuse by Thick Pigeon on Too Crazy Cowboys (Factory) Info


  9. I Ask Myself Why by From Nursery to Misery on Tree Spirits (Dark Entries) Info

    New 2021 Compilation. Band was around circa 1989.

  10. Decennium by Monokultur on Ormens Väg (Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox) New
  11. Breath by Vazz on Your Lungs and Your Tongues (Cathexis Recordings) Info

    1986. Vazz were from Glasgow, Scotland and existed in the mid-1980’s. The group consisted of Hugh Small (all music and instruments) and Anna Howson (all voices and lyrics) and were featured on the late, great John Peel show on BBC Radio One a few times.

  12. Adrift by Boundless Relaxation on Tranquility of the Infinite (Already Dead)
  13. Mother of Pearl by Scribble on Selected Works 1983-86 (Strangelove) Info

    New New compilation.