1. Featured 50/50 by Jockstrap on 50/50 (Rough Trade) New
  2. The Gathering Pallet by Imaginary Softwoods on The Gathering Pallet (Mineral Disk) New
  3. Labyrinth by Sky H1 on Azure (AD 93) New
  4. Distortion Harbour by Jessica Moss on Phosphenes (Constellation) New
  5. Keep Outside the Night by Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann on Mother of Pearl (Recital) New
  6. Hi Jynx by µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx on Secret Garden (Planet Mu) New
  7. Fragments of Blue by Princess Diana of Wales on Princess Diana of Wales (A Colourful Storm) New
  8. Shortwave Memories by Biosphere on Shortwave Memories (Biophon) New
  9. Trying to Be Real by Alex Twomey on Days Off (Recital) New
  10. Tirta Gangga by Mike Cooper on Oceans Of Milk And Treacle (Room40) New
  11. Featured Go Oli Go! by Oli XL on Go Oli Go! / Cartoon Smile (Warp) New
  12. Rivers in Reverse by Olivia Block on Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea (Room40) New