(Best of 2021 Pt. 1)


  1. míu by Marina Herlop on míu (PAN)
  2. Spring Feelings by DarkSonicTales on DarkSonicTales (Hallow Ground)
  3. What's Wrong with Tomorrow by Christoph De Babalon on 044 (Hilf Dir Selbst​!​) (AD 93)
  4. Electra Rex by Arca on KiCk iii (XL)
  5. Let by Pan Daijing on Jade (PAN)
  6. Unterhaltung by Privat on Ein Gedachtnis Rollt Sich Auf Der Zunge Aus (Alter)
  7. Rings (feat. guest) by Space Afrika on Honest Labour (Dais)
  8. More by Low on HEY WHAT (Sub Pop)
  9. Teardrop (Слеза) by Kedr Livanskiy on Liminal Soul (2MR)
  10. A Binding by Lawrence English on Observation of Breath (Hallow Ground)
  11. Valentina by HTRK on Rhinestones (N&J Blueberries)
  12. Low D by Leif on 9 Airs (AD 93)
  13. Void by Bendik Giske on Cracks (Smalltown Supersound)
  14. 51°30'22.4"N 0°05'17.0"W by Aboutface on °s (AD 93)