1/5/2022 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Interlude by BERUS on Blue Hope (Self Release) New
  2. and so it's so by Iman Europe, Kaelin Ellis (Good Soil Productions) New
  3. Palm Trees by Phabo on Soulquarious (Soulection/Over Everything) New
  4. Skydive (Originals) by Alicia Keys on KEYS (RCA Records) New
  5. Something To Hold by The Shadowboxers (JoyRide Music Group) New
  6. B.I.D. (Bringing It Down) by JoJo on trying not to think about it (Clover Music/Warner Records) New
  7. Different by Chocq T. on Neo EP (Self Release) New
  8. Dayrunner feat. NDO by BERUS on Blue Hope (Self Release) New
  9. You Can Get It by REGI FLIH on Careless (Dough Related) New
  10. Feels Like Home by Dexter, Rola, iamnobodi (Self Release) New
  11. We Got Time by Hojean (Self Release) New
  12. Resurrection by Misha (Offbeat) New
  13. safe by cktrl on zero EP (Self Release) New
  14. Peru by Fireboy, Ed Sheeran (EMPIRE) New
  15. Given Summer feat. Ayeisha Raquel by KSR on Peace + Harmony (First Word Records) New
  16. Full Time feat. BLU by Brother Zulu (Self Release) New
  17. Orange feat. Tim Hall by Ballad (Self Release) New
  18. Red Sax by Jazzgroupiez on Red Sax (Self Release)
  19. Tu Recuerdo feat. Vosque by Jose y el Toro on Exitos Meldramaticos, Vol. 1 (Self Release) New
  20. Spacing Out by Sylo Nozra (Muk Posh)
  21. Mandarin Orange by Justice Der (Self Release) New
  22. Priority by Kenny Lattimore on Here To Stay (The SoNo Recording Group) New
  23. Tension by ROE on My Way (Nature/Nuture) New
  24. Rainn by Asante Phenix (Self Release)
  25. fallin' by TRS (Empath Records)
  26. Escape by ORZC (ORZC Records) New
  27. History feat. Akacia (Palladian Remix) by PINES (Self Release) New
  28. Compromise by J.O.Y. on Post Nostalgia Trauma (Escape Records) New
  29. Voicemail feat. Kiana Lede by Khalid on Scenic Drive (RCA Records) New
  30. Believe Me by Liyah on Forevaliyah (Nycesound Productions) New
  31. Flow del Caribe by Big Soto on Apokalysis 2 (Rimas) New
  32. Love and Light by Ogranya (RedClaye Entertainment) New
  33. Nobody by K Da Great (Self Release)
  34. Making Time by K. Forest & Travis Knight (Self Release) New
  35. Fly To My Room by BTS on BE (BigHit Music/HYBE)
  36. Natural by GSoul on Natural (Warner Music) New
  37. Brand New feat. QUIN by Khalid on Scenic Drive (RCA Records) New
  38. Touching The Sun by Grace Weber (Self Release)
  39. Falling In Love by SLOWZ on Therapy (Purple Glowz)
  40. Brainfreeze by Hoffy Beats (Self Release) New