Altered Images #222 12/05/2022


  1. Sketch for Summer by Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. Help Me by Bryan Ferry on The Ultimate Collection (EG)
  3. The Lonely Spy by Lori And The Chameleons on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)
  4. Rhythm Of Life (Demo) by Tears For Fears on The Seeds Of Love (Mercury)
  5. Living Wild by Mataya Clifford on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)
  6. Everywhere by Chaka Khan on Too Slow To Disco (How Do You Are?)
  7. Waterfall by Wendy & Lisa on Are You My Baby (Disky)
  8. The Planet Doesn’t Mind (Club Mix) by X-Visitors on The Planet Doesn’t Mind (Dancing Bear)
  9. No One Driving by John Foxx on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)
  10. Risin’ To The Top by Keni Burke on 80s Soul Jams (Ministry Of Sound)
  11. You’ve Got The Power (US Dance Mix) by Win on Gary Crowley’s Lost 80s (Demon)
  12. L Is For Lover by Al Jarreau on L Is For Lover (WB)
  13. Says by Al Jarreau on L Is For Lover (WB)
  14. Murphy’s Law by Al Jarreau on High Crime (WB)
  15. Tell Me by Al Jarreau on High Crime (WB)
  16. Waiting by Ultravox on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)
  17. Roses by Sid Haywoode on 80s Soul Jams (Ministry Of Sound)
  18. Mannequin by Berlin Blondes on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)
  19. Woman In Chains by Eric Leeds on Things Left Unsaid (Paisley Park)
  20. Lawnchairs by Our Daughters Wedding on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)
  21. Cant You Take A Joke Ha Ha Hi Hi! by Henriette Coulouvrat on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)
  22. Doctor... by Blood Donor on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)