1. Butter Fly ''95'' by Waxmaster Maurice on Going Down (Dance mania)
  3. Feel My M.F. Bass by Paul Johnson on A Night Life Thang (Dance mania)
  4. Sega by Traxmen & dj lil' tal on Flava In Ya Ear 1994 (dance mania)
  5. Rz (1995) by Quad on Beats And Basslines (Dance mania)
  6. Rebellion On The Floor by Carpainter on SUPER DANCE TOOLS Vol. 2 (Trekkie Trax)
  7. FALLING by Abssys (self released)
  8. The Chant by Deep Sky Objects on Deep Sky Objects (Never Ready Records)
  9. Urami by サイケアウツG / Cycheouts Ghost on STI021 (Stereo Records)
  10. You by Private Caller on Hooversound Presents: Private Caller & Mani Festo (Hooversound)
  11. POP IT (1996) by DJ Milton on Pop It (Underground Construction)
  12. trax 4 the woman edit by dj funk (self released)
  13. hey hey by dj flint on Beyond The Mixx, Volume 2 (G.E.T.O. DJz)
  14. lay it down by nehpets (databass)
  15. System Override by AceMo on System Override (self released)
  16. R e s p e c t | Queer Club Dub by DJ Love (self released)
  17. 悪DENG悪 by IGLOOGHOST (self released))
  18. Everythingmustchange by Ivy Lab on Everythingmustchange EP (20/20 LDN)
  19. Aperture in Meditation, Time by Woolymammoth / Jason Wool on Meridian pt. I (Courteous Family)
  20. LARP Life 140 by Nelson Bandela on Bandela BeatTape 009 - Baldie (self released)
  21. Everyday 2gether by Bored Lord on Phantom Renegade (self released) Local
  22. House Werk by DJ Slugo on CFology Mixtape Vol. 1 (CFology)
  23. When I'm On [Constrict Remix] by Dominic Ridgway, Stratowerx & Magugu (Regression Media)
  24. FUNK LE 17 (Tim Karbon Bootleg) by 13Block x K-LONE on TK TAKEZ PART 2 (self released)
  25. Hoodwinked by J:Kenzo on Taygeta Code (self released)
  26. PENSANDO EN TI by VRTS (Veritas)
  27. You and Me (Joel Deep's Illegal Mix) by Disclosure on TRAXFREE008 (Trax Haven)
  28. Looking Out My Window by Ratpack on Ratpack : The History (Ratpack Music)
  29. Stamina (Breaka's Final Lap Version) by Noh Vae on Nocturnal (Modern Ruin)
  30. Coming Up, Yuliya (Amor Satyr Remix) by G3 on Koriko (Rudimentary Records)
  31. KAOS by HOUZ'MON on D.J. Funk #1 Presents Houz’Mon (Dance Mania)
  32. House-O-Matic (1994) by D.J. Deeon on Funk City (Dance Mania)
  33. What You Need by PanicMan on Nu Kvlture VOL. 1 (Nu Kvlture)
  34. So Good by Sam Abyss on Nu Kvlture VOL. 1 (Nu Kvlture)
  35. Sangria by siid (Homies Only)
  36. Theme Song ft. Jacks by Suzi Analogue on ZONEZ V.4 (Never Normal)
  37. Kairi Drill by EL Blanco Nino (self released)
  38. Control by MoMa Ready on Control EP (Haus of ALTR)
  39. Sexmachine by Fuzz (self released)
  40. GO BANGG by DJ DEEON & DJ RAFAEL on Beat Trax (XTC)
  41. oOOoh Yeah by GHSTSHRK on GHST EP (self released)
  42. DRIPPIN by RTCHRD on U & I EP (bootleg tapes)
  43. Hello by Isley Brothers [Footmerc Edit] on Juke World Order VOL 1. (Juke Underground)
  44. Gonna Be Alright (Nookie Remix) (2011 Remastered Mix) by Cloud Nine on Klass of ’92-95 Lesson 2 (Phuzion Digital)
  45. Bow-Oh by RP Boo on CFology Mixtape Vol. 1 (CFology)
  46. Honey With My Tea by DARIAN on JBDUBZ Vol. 8 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  47. Blacklist by Coco Bryce on Hold The Line EP (Critical Music)
  48. HEAD UP HIGH REMIX by SUCIA! Ft MANNY on singe (self released)
  49. El Sonidito (QVO Juke Remix) by Hechizeros Band (self released)
  50. So Chicago by Cuenique on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  51. Knockout by Jalen on Juke World Order VOL 1. (Juke Underground)
  52. When U by Manuel Delacroix on Juke World Order VOL 1. (Juke Underground)
  54. empathy/work It by anti.negative on Cleanse EP (self released)
  55. Double Cup by DJ Rashad on Double Cup (Hyperdub)
  56. STAY WIT ME by DJ CLENT (self released)
  57. Indoor Jacuzzi by Crossfire on Juke World Order VOL 1. (Juke Underground)
  58. I Remember (Sideswipe Remix) by Deadmau5 on FTRAX013 (Forbidden Trax)
  59. Paradise Circus (Iyer Remix) by Massive Attack on FTRAX023 (Forbidden Trax)
  60. Training Room by DJ Compton on CFology Mixtape Vol. 1 (CFology)
  61. Lose It (JUMP) by Ray Reck on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  62. Deep by DJ Lucky on CFology Mixtape Vol. 1 (CFology)
  63. Off Kush Boa Mono Poly Remix by DJ Earl (self released)
  64. B.F.G. by Eprom on Pineapple Ep (self released)
  65. The Anti-Self by Gangus on Anti-Self (Dome of Doom)