Episode 58


  1. Ala Vida by El Michels Affair on Yeti Season (Big Crown Records)
  2. As Far I Can Remember by Pasteur Lappe on Yeti Season (Big Crown Records)
  3. Check It Out by Wild Fire on Dance Hits (Culures of Souls)
  4. Siesta Freestyle by Lewis OfMan, Alicia te quiero on Dancy Party (Profil de Face)
  5. Tata by Johan Papaconstantino on Tata (Animal63)
  6. Feeling Like I Like by Mocky, Liliana Andrade on Feeling Like I Like (Heavy Sheet)
  7. Magician's Success by Vanishing Twin on Magician's Success (Fire Records)
  8. Asc. Scorpio by Oracle Sisters on Paris I (22Twenty)
  9. Uneasy - Metronomy x spill tab by Metronomy on Uneasy - Metronomy x spill tab (Because Music)
  10. Dionysian State by Mild High Club on A New High (Stones Throw Records)
  11. Tokyo Midnight by Sababa 5, Yurika Hanashima (Batov Records)
  12. Gone Away Again by Rogér Fakhr on Fine Anyway (Groove Attack)
  13. Red Socks - David Numwami Remix by Tin Fingers, David Numwami on Red Socks (Remixes) (Tin Fingers)
  14. Too Much to Taste - Preditah Remix by Crystal Murray, Preditah (Because Music)
  15. I Feel Better (I Got Something) by Myd on Born a Loser (Ed Banger Records)