transfiguration #225 special guest mix Vague Imaginaires (France)

Many thanks to Vague Imaginaires for putting this mix together.

Check his music


  1. The Longing (different speed edit) by Paul Avgerinos on balancing spheres (round sky music)
  2. aquamarine sheen by Electronic eye on closed circuit (Intone Productions)
  3. Deux Filles by Harras on shadow farming (Glass Modern)
  4. Feel the dub feat Hindi Zahra by Blundetto on good good dub (Les Rythmes Ruban)
  5. Thirumalai by X.Y.R on NA (NA)
  6. Unreleased cosmic beauty by kovil step on Unreleased cosmic beauty (Unreleased)
  7. Unnatural Natural by Ellarald on Forthcoming (12th Isle)
  8. You Must sleep now by Deux Filles on shadow farming (Glass Modern)
  9. 意識 by Akira Ito on Bosatu & Mugen (Black)
  10. Holy Poems by Chuck Jonkey on Charana (self released)
  11. Decision by Gartien Midonet on Fo Ou Tchimbi - Decision (Time Capsule)
  12. Field Study by Bitchin Bajas on Bitchin Bajas (Drag City Records)
  13. Malam by Kaoru Inoue on a missing myth (Seeds And Ground)
  14. ley Hunter’s Chant by ToiToiToi on Vaganten (Ghost Box)
  15. Beauty, Mind and Body #2 by Unknow me on Bishintai (not not fun)
  16. пес DOG by Kate NV on для FOR (RVNG Intl)
  17. Stranger's Garden by Ippei Matsui & Aki Tsuyuko on Natsu No Zenbu (All Night Flight Records)
  18. Night Kitchen by Robert Minden Ensemble on Whisper in My Ear (Otter Bay Productions Inc)
  19. Outdoor (Bonus Track) by Emily A. Sprague on Water Memory / Mount Vision (RVNG Intl)
  20. Multiplying Into Fields of Little Voices by Christina Vantzou on Releasing Spores (Slow Moves)
  21. iii by Aylu on Serum (SUNARKRECORDS)
  22. Never a Dull Moment by ToiToiToi on Vaganten (Ghost Box)
  23. Prominent Geological Formations by Rob Moss Wilson & Cool Maritime on Big Lunch (Touch the plants)
  24. Bamboo Link + Couldn't Top The Demo by Rimarimba on In the Woods (RVNG d/b/a Freedom To Spend)
  25. Be Free Two by Keope on The King and I (Keo Neo Records)
  26. Tundra by STA on Tundra (Self released)
  27. Cristal I by Aylu on Walden (Orange Milk Records)
  28. Blue Heron Flies by Alice Damon on Windsong (Yoga Records)
  29. Crystal Lake by S A D on Children of The Sun (Gost Zvuk)
  30. Devil in the Drain by Henry Kaiser on Free To Choose (The Orchard Music (on behalf of SST Records))
  31. Treadmill (with Lisa Nakagawa) by UNKNOWN ME on Bishintai (not not fun)
  32. Z 1000 by Robert Minden Ensemble on Whisper in My Ear (Otter Bay Productions Inc)
  33. Caminatas by Germán Bringas on Tunel Hacia Tí (Smiling C)