transfiguration #230 light show mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Mrs. Shakespeare Torso by Cerberus Shoal on Chaiming the Knobblessone (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  2. Runner's High by Serwed on Serwed III (ANWO Records)
  3. Lone Swordsman (Chris Carter Remix) by Daniel Avery (Phantasy Sound under exclusive license to Mute for US & CA)
  4. Taurus by Jacques Greene on Fantasy - EP (LuckyMe)
  5. 2 Strangers in a Room by Benoit B on Kismet (Natural Selections)
  6. In Irl by Chainletter on Relatable Ep (Maison Fauna)
  7. Et Annet Sted (Axel Boman Remix) by Hubbabubbaklubb & Axel Boman on Et Annet Sted / Eddie & Suzanne (Remixed) (Snorkel Records AS. Distributed by Playground Music Scandinavia AB)
  8. Robinson College 10 by Roy of the Ravers on White Line Sunrise II (Emotional Response)
  9. Last Track @64 by No Moon on The Dewi Fondop - EP (Crow Castle Cuts)
  10. Quadrant IV (Orb) by Jad & The on Quadrant - EP (Beats of No Nation)
  11. Receptivity by Priori on Fragments of Reality Vol.1 - EP (20/20 Vision Recordings)
  12. Pluck by Walton on Maisie by the Sea (Lith Dolina)
  13. The World We Enter by Sam Goku on East Dimensional Riddims (Atomnation)
  14. I Don't Know If That's Just Dreaming by Anthony Naples on Chameleon (ANS Recordings)
  15. Us Ephemeral (George Clanton Remix) by Vitesse X & George Clanton (Vitesse X)
  16. Abstentia (The End Is In Sight Mix) by Litherland on Stasis - EP (Collective Leisure)
  17. Ripples by Hermanito on Ocaso (Ad Hoc Records)
  18. Overdose by Salamanda on Overdose (Human Pitch)
  19. Canadian Suite (The Arctic Circle) by The Insects on Globe Trekker Vol. II (Music from the TV Series) (Pilot Film and TV Productions, Ltd.)
  20. Noche de Verano by Residentes Balearicos on Postales (Shades Of Sound Recordings)
  21. Breathe by Moomin on The Snoofer - EP (Oath)
  22. Golfo by Balam on Chants of Pachamama, Pt. 2 - EP (Hard Fist)
  23. Cultivating Yucca by Manuel Darquart on Down 2 Dance - EP (Slam City Jams)
  24. My Reflection In You by Abstract Incognito on My Reflection In You EP (Balearic Ensemble)
  25. Rose Quartz by Moonilena on Tiny Portals (Huntleys + Palmers)
  26. Swedenborg in the Forest by Wojciech Rusin on Syphon (AD 93)
  27. In the Bartender's Shadow by Failing Lights on New Year's Day Dark Ambient (Hospital Productions)
  28. Towards Great Piles Of Masonry by Mike Cooper on Oceans of Milk and Treacle (Room40)