ep.26 regalia ♛

it's the first show ever from the secret alley and we're cultivating confidence! being bold! (**the audio during the "talk breaks" is a little muffled, whoops)

feat. music from: freddie, csndra, astu, tinashe, jada imani, aroma, priya ragu, mariah carey, leikeli47, & more!


  1. Power Power (feat. Shaun Ross) by DUCKWRTH, Shaun Ross (Supergood/The Blind Youth) New
  2. BITM by Leikeli47 (Hardcover LLC & RCA Records) New
  3. Featured Somethin 4 Nothin by Aroma on Symphony No Harmony (Good4U Studios) New Local
  4. Featured Pressure by Kamaiyah on Got It Made (GRND.WRK/Empire) Local
  5. Break
  6. Two Seater by Willow Kayne on Playground Antics (SONY) New
  7. Featured Woke Up Blessed by Tinashe, Christian Blue on 333 (Deluxe) (Self-Release) New
  8. Featured very well by csndra (Free Sundaes) New
  9. Featured StayUp! by Dreaer Isioma on Goodnight Dreamer (Self-Release) New
  10. Pressure by Bree Runway (Universal Music Operations Limited) New
  11. Break
  12. Featured Hold the Line (From "Twenty Something") by Astu (Disney/Pixar) New Local
  13. Featured MAGIC by Vince Staples, Mustard (UMG Recordings) New
  14. Featured Bad Bitch (feat. DoNormaal) by Archie (Self-Release)
  15. Featured Rosa Parks by Jada Imani (Self-Release) New Local
  16. Break
  17. Featured Banjee by Freddie on Melanin Monroe (SIPOLDT) Local
  18. Illuminous by Priya Ragu (Warner Records UK) New
  19. A No No by Mariah Carey on Caution (Epic Records)
  20. Featured Rainbow Cadillac by Baby Tate on After the Rain: Deluxe (Raedio)