Altered Images #229 03/09/2022 “March Pete Decoder”


  1. Sketch for Summer by The Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. Let The Music Play by Sammy Barbot on So 80s Volume 13 (Soundcolours)
  3. Thieves Like Us (7” Promo Edit) by New Order on Power, Corruption & Lies (Geffen)
  4. The Planet Doesn’t Mind (Club Mix) by X-Visitors on The Planet Doesn’t Mind (Dancing Bear)
  5. T.V. Scene (Sensurroumd mix) by Linda DiFranco on So 80s Volume 13 (Soundcolours)
  6. Doot Doot (Extended Version) by Freur on Grand 12” Inches (DMC)
  7. Okay! by Okay on 80s Maxi Best Of 12 Inches (Cherry Red)
  8. The Spaceship Is Over There by Vicious Pink on Vicious Pink (Parlophone)
  9. Watching The World by Chaka Khan on Destiny (WEA)
  10. Break
  11. Walk Through The Fire by Peter Gabriel on Walk Through The Fire (Atlantic)
  12. Games Without Frontiers (w/Massive Attack) by Peter Gabriel on Ultra Rare Traxx 1 (Realworld)
  13. Quiet Steam by Peter Gabriel on Ultra Rare Traxx 2 (Realworld)
  14. In The Sun (w/Robert Fripp) by Peter Gabriel on Flotsam and Jetsam (Real World)
  15. I Go Swimming by Peter Gabriel on Plays Live (Geffen)
  16. Nocturnals by Peter Gabriel on Ultra Rare Traxx 3 (Realworld)
  17. Lovetown by Peter Gabriel on Ultra Rare Traxx 2 (Realworld)
  18. Chip N Roll by Silicon Teens on Musik Music Musique (Burning Shed)
  19. Button Up by The Bloods on New York Noise (Soul Jazz)
  20. Break
  21. Sweet Soft ‘N Lazy by Viktor Laszlo on So 80s (Soundcolours)
  22. Stay Fabulous by Marshall Crenshaw on The 9 Volt Years - Battery Powered Home Demos & Curios (1979-198?) (EMI)