transfiguration #232 moonbathing mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Ich ging durch einen grasgrünen Wald by Christian Schoppik on Läuten der Seele (Hands in the Dark)
  2. Natureza Mãe by Iris da Selva, Peter Power on Zelo (Bulbosa)
  3. Ô Le Coeur (We Are Not Machines Remix by Brett Bullion) by Pieta Brown & Bertrand Belin (37d03d)
  4. Längtan Får Vingar by VilloVilduVeta on Längtan Får Vingar (YEAR0001)
  5. High Season by Pablo's Eye on A Mountain Is an Idea (The Florist's Mum)
  6. In Åland Air by Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer on Recordings from the Åland Islands (International Anthem)
  7. Some Better (feat. James K) by LEYA on Eyeline (NNA Tapes)
  8. Transit 2 (feat. Menhir) by Suso Saiz on Just Before Silence (feat. Menhir) (Phantom Limb)
  9. Frokost (Halsen-Torpevannet) by Therese Lunde on LEX MIX Vol.1 (Manuzio)
  10. Only Love From Now On (with Joanna Scheie Orellana) by Carmen Villain on Only Love From Now On (Smalltown Supersound)
  11. Pseudolove by Panoram on Acrobatic Thoughts (Running Back)
  12. Crying Silence by Yandere (yandere)
  13. Peaks by Stu Pender on Stillness in Motion (Youngbloods)
  14. Camino a Cala Llonga by Tambores En Benirras on Orbe Dotado (NuNorthern Soul)
  15. Rough Air by Earthen Sea on Ghost Poems (kranky)
  16. Sans Soleil by Bambounou on La Sagrada - EP (Firecamp)
  17. Left Arm Numb by Fly Kin Mountain on Concrete Pillars (Regional Attraction)
  18. Sister Ferdinande (Kolkata) [feat. Mark Van Hoen & Zachary Paul] by Ihvh on Agnostic (feat. Mark Van Hoen & Zachary Paul) (ASH INTERNATIONAL)
  19. All I See Is You, Velvet Brown by Leon Vynehall on Rare, Forever (Vynehall Limited under exclusive licence to Ninja Tune)
  20. Will You Listen In by Hinako Omori on A Journey... (Houndstooth)
  21. Interlude I - Walk by Daar on Entire (Silent Season)
  22. I'll Be Your Lightning by Frankie Rose (Born Losers Records)
  23. Karaburun Peninsula by Sissi Rada on Nanodiamond (Kryptox)
  24. Paper Birds by Croatian Amor on Remember Rainbow Bridge (posh isolation)
  25. Utsuwa by oqbqbo on Under Stars / Shells in Colour (Posh Isolation)
  26. Es el Momento by Sandra Bernardo & El Búho on Es el Momento (Sandra Bernardo)
  27. Salve by RAMZi on VA - Music For Freedom: A Fundraiser For Ukraine (Music From Memory)
  28. Pandøer by Ben Bondy on GMT48 Ben Bondy - Camo (good morning tapes.)
  29. Lost Albion by Robert Haigh on Human Remains (Robert Haigh)
  30. She Can't Die (Twin Peaks Vocal Cover) by Eylul Deniz on Elsewhere XX (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
  31. Emory (Itsuki Doi Remix) by Kazumichi Komatsu on Emboss Star Remixes - EP (flau)