Brown Recluse Variety Show #144


  1. I Am Nothing by ADULT. on Becoming Undone (Dais)
  2. Cyber Crimes by VR Sex on Rough Dimension (Dais)
  3. Freek by Aquarian Blood (Pelican Pow Wow)
  4. Up The Wall by Dag (bruit direct disques)
  5. No No No by Deerhoof on Ocean Child: Songs of Yoko Ono Tribute Compilation (Atlantic Records)
  6. Futuristic Dragon by T. Rex on Futuristic Dragon (Fat Possum Records)
  7. Dead Joe by The Birthday Party on Junkyard (Buddha Records)
  8. Radjik Beach by Deaf Wish (Sub Pop)
  9. Lovely Day by Bill Withers (Columbia)
  10. Stars by Sylvester (Fantasy)
  11. Parricade is Painless by Exek on Advertise Here (Castle Face)
  12. French Boys by Cate Le Bon on Pompeii (Mexican Summer)
  13. Primitive World by Giorgio Murderer (Goner Records)
  14. Nobody Likes You by Giorgio Murderer (Goner Records)
  15. Damaged by Erase Errata (Kill Rock Stars)
  16. Associated Press by Preening (E/N028)
  17. Shelf Life by Nots (Goner)
  18. Shame Spiral by Squish (Hozac)
  19. Positivity by Pleasure Gallows (Pelican Pow Wow)
  20. Domine, Libra Nos/Showdown by The Space Lady on The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School Records)
  21. Ragin' in the Sun by Obnox on OBNOX IV - A Ragin' in the Sun (EP) (Anyway Records)
  22. Long Day by Ceramic Animal on Sweet Unknown (Easy Eye Sound)
  23. Boogaloo en Espana by La Sonora de Lucho Macedo on Gozalo! Bugalu Tropical Vol 4 (Vampi Soul)
  24. I Can't See Past My Tears by Skeeter Davis (RCA)
  25. Remember Love by Plastic Ono Band (Apple Records)
  26. God Only Knows by P.P. Arnold on The First Cut (Castle)
  27. What A Way To Die by Mellvins (Cat Food Records)
  28. Inline Online by System Exclusive on System Exclulsive (Castle Face)