transfiguration #234 waiting to exhale (holiday in ruins)


  1. Che Si Aspette by Isik Kural on In February (RVNG Intl.)
  2. Iridescent Flow by PARC on Wave Iridescence (100% Silk)
  3. So It Begins by Sable Blanc on Patience - A Series of Meditative Loops (Beats Of No Nation)
  4. Mellow Fellow (Slo Mix) by Dolly on Don't Forget the Moonscreen (Animalia)
  5. Gatekeeper by Saphileaum on Ornaments (Oslated)
  6. #05 by Terra Utopia on Terra Utopia (Emotional Response)
  7. Elsewhere by The Starseeds on Parallel Life (The Starseeds / Regina Dannhof / John Alexander McGowan)
  8. New Dawn by Hypernatural on Hypernatural (International Feel)
  9. Pistol Shrimp by Cousin on Hudson - EP (Nummer Music)
  10. Stretcher by Bex & Mantissa on Mantissa 002 (Mantissa)
  11. Duration Rhyme (Hugo Lx Re-Interpretation) [Radio Edit] by Takecha on 120A (Radio Edits) - EP (Holic Trax)
  12. Luminous by Gordon Joe (Mhost Likely Green - Mhost Likely AS)
  13. True Romance by Bella Boo (Studio Barnhus)
  14. Winged (Aurora Halal Remix) by Priori on Your Own Power (Remixes) - EP (Naff under exclusive license to Courage Holdings Inc.)
  15. Sunrise Location by Slow Rotation Inc on Slow Rotation Inc (Beats of No Nation)
  16. Beachnap (Joe Morris Mellow Sun Mix) by LOVE APE on Shades Of Sound Recordings (Shades Of Sound Recordings)
  17. Reflex by Mogwaa on Open Mind - EP (8BallTown)
  18. Jaune by Holo on Oceanside Girl (Noire & Blanche)
  19. Imagine (with GREETINGS) by Kayroy on Imaginary Expeditions EP (Hell Yeah)
  20. Do For Love by DJ Atlance on After the Storm - EP (Lobster Theremin)
  21. Time to Move Close by Eris Drew on Quivering in Time (Interdimensional Publishing)
  22. Objects by Metropolitan Soul Museum on The Pleasure Principle - EP (Public Release Recordings)
  23. Lucid Greens by Akimbo on Dancheong Vol. 2 (Akimbo)
  24. Ocean Drifter by Hybrid Man on Shapeshifting - EP (Butter Sessions)