Black Girl Joy Episode 81

Featuring Pongo, Nina Tech, Mattie, Helen Berhe, Jelly Cleaver, Denitia, Yo  Majesty and more!


  1. Goolo by Pongo, Mosty on Sakidila (Universal Music Division)
  2. Things Fall Apart - Vocal by Steve Monite (Soundway)
  3. Let Me See You Do It by Yo Majesty, Don Elektron, La Favi on Light It Up (Waxploitation)
  4. Black Ops 2 - umru Remix by Namasenda, umru on Unlimited Ammo: Infinity (PC Music)
  5. In My Feelings (Jersey Club Remix) by Nija, DJ Flex on Don't Say I Didn't Warn You (Jersey Club Remixes) (Capitol)
  6. Bodies by TAAHLIAH, Luca Eck (Untitled Recs Limited)
  7. Ganzfeld Experiment by Channel Tres on Acid/Ganzfeld 12'' (GODMODE)
  8. U Wanna? by TT The Artist, Sir JoQ (Molly House)
  9. They Not Ready by Dreezy (EMPIRE)
  10. Love Show by Nina Tech (Self-Released)
  11. Human Thing by MATTIE on Jupiter's Purse (Leaving)
  12. Omens by GAIKA (The Spectacular Empire)
  13. i belong to you by Dua Saleh (AGAINST GIANTS)
  14. 22degreehalo - Live by April + VISTA on Live From the Pit (April VISTA, LLC)
  15. Climbing Down by NAKAYA on Fire Becomes Me (Better Company)
  16. 2MANYTHINGS by Gwen Bunn (Melody Dungeon Music)
  17. Why Try by Tank and The Bangas (UMG Recordings, Inc.)
  18. Emen Aytemen by Helen Berhe (Self-Released)
  19. See You Soon by Akemi Fox (NQ)
  20. True Love by Lila Iké (RCA)
  21. Water Waistline by Triniti Shyell (1813049 Records DK)
  22. Mal Nenhum by Karol Conká on Urucum (Sony Music Entertainment)
  23. Persuasive by Doechii (Top Dawg Entertainment, LLC)
  24. Mass Appeal by Franc Moody (Juicebox Recordings)
  25. Another Life by Tomike (Self-Released)
  26. Dreaming by Poly Styrene on Translucense (Parlophone)
  27. In Bloom by Sister (SlickPony)
  28. Will We Ever Get This Right by flowerovlove (Self-Released)
  29. alien girl by Dianna Lopez on Mystic (888)
  30. Black Line by Jelly Cleaver (Gearbox)
  31. Highways by Denitia (County Road)
  32. Down By The Riverside by Muddy Magnolias (Self-Released)
  33. Wild Turkey - Alt Version / Live at Studio 615 / May 2021 by Amythyst Kiah (Rounder)