With Shibastian as special guest!


  1. Shake by Yeek on Sebastian (Self Released)
  2. Letting Nature Run Its Course by Treasvre (Self Released)
  3. Donuts Mind If I Do (With Beenzino) by CHAI on Donuts Mind If I Do (Sub Pop)
  4. Volkiano by Remi Wolf on Juno (Self Release)
  5. Talks With Myself by The Haunts (self released)
  6. Sandwich Sharer by Illuminati Hotties on Sandwich Sharer (Snack Shack)
  7. sickk by Arlie (Atlantic)
  8. The Answer by Ricky Lake, Wayne Mills (Text Me)
  9. Talk by Beabadoobee on Beatopia (Dirty Hit)
  10. Lovesick by Great Bitter Lake (self released)
  11. This Kiss by Alex Lahey (Liberation)
  12. White Hours by Goodworld on Goodworld (Self Released)
  13. Burnout! by Blushh (self released)
  14. 2 birds by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Sportswear (self released)
  15. Better When We're Close by Poolside, Brijean (Pacific Standard Records)
  16. Havin' a Dream by Mild Universe on Mild Universe (DistroKid)
  17. Shotgun by Soccer Mommy (Loma Vista)
  18. drunk as the gods by Ha Vay on We Fell In Love At The Party (Psychedelic Garden)
  19. Cloud 9 by Beach Bunny on Cloud 9 (Mom+Pop)
  20. Asterisk by Sub*T (Fire Talk)
  21. For My Friends by King Princess on Hold on Baby (Zelig)
  22. It's Your Mischief (feat. sun kin) by Bromf (769486 records dk)
  23. Space Age by Cardio Star (Financial Records)
  24. Far From The World Today by Vista Kicks on Sorry Charlie (Little Hook)
  25. Wanted To Know by Loserlees (Big Dogs Only)
  26. Yuck by Charli XCX on Crash (Asylum)
  27. Always by SPELLLING on The Turning Wheel (The Turning Wheel)
  28. Lost Track by Haim (Columbia)
  29. Pastlife by Daywave (PIAS)
  30. Anything But Me by MUNA (Saddest Factory)
  31. Chicken Noodle - Remastered by Small Crush on Small Crush (ASIAN MAN RECORDS)
  32. Sunday Morning by No Doubt on Tragic Kingdom (Interscope)