1. In My Keep by Silver Swans on In My Keep (self-released)
  2. 4am by The Fauns on Lights (Invada)
  3. 1/4 Circle Black by Jorge Elbrecht ft Tamaryn on 1/4 Circle Black (Mexican Summer)
  4. Sarah, Where Are You by Leave The Planet on Sarah, Where Are You (Kanine)
  5. Spin Me by Camera Shy on Jack-O-Lantern (Run For Cover)
  6. Violent Seas by CSLSX ft I Break Horses on Violent Seas (Bella Union)
  7. Silver Currents by To The Wedding on Silver Currents (To The Wedding)
  8. Same Thing by Rosie June on Listening Post (Draper Street Records)
  9. true.deep.sleeper by Dead Leaf Echo on true.deep.sleeper (Neon Sigh)
  10. Hello Nothing by Everything By Electricity on Hello Nothing (Everything By Electricity)
  11. Death To Fascism by The Radio Dept on Death To Fascism (Labrador)
  12. One More Day by Heligoland on Sainte Anne (Heligoland)
  13. Don't Get Closer by Star Horse on Don't Get Closer (Star Horse)
  14. The Lovers' Suicide by The Bilinda Butchers on Heaven (Orchid Tapes)
  15. Daylight by Seafoam on Daylight (Seafoam)
  16. Find A Way by Twin Oaks on The Lion's Den (Twin Oaks)
  17. June by The Church on Forget Yourself (Cooking Vinyl)
  18. After The Rain by Oeil on After The Rain (Oeil)
  19. Break
  20. Umi by pinkshinyultrablast on Umi (pinkshinyultrablas)
  21. Break
  22. NBY by Maria False on Spots and lines in a frame (Le Turc Mecanique)
  23. Break
  24. Cyan Daze by Chimera on Lughnasa (Chimera)
  25. Break
  26. Unbroken Sequence by Woman's Hour on Conversations (Secretly Canadian)
  27. Break
  28. Two Ships by Field Mouse on Hold Still Life (Topshelf Records)
  29. Break
  30. We Go On by The Luxembourg Signal on The Luxembourg Signal (Shelflife Records)
  31. Break
  32. Toulouse by Deaf Club on Take In Colour (Kissability)
  33. Break
  34. Golden Hair by Slowdive on Holding Our Breath (Creation Records)