transfiguration #241 to dream of tanning mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Old Patterns by Cofaxx on Trace (Other Realm Sound)
  2. Aphelion's Edge by Aural Imbalance on Utopian Society, Vol. 1 - EP (Auxiliary)
  3. Full of Light by FFF on Full of Light (Lobster Theremin)
  4. State of Mind by ASC on Sphere of Influence (Auxiliary)
  5. Warm by Kid Drama on Warm - Single (CNVX)
  6. Forest Beams by Eira Haul on Forest Beams (Edition Akasha)
  7. Aztec Silo by Thugwidow on A Liquid Cradle (Kudatah)
  8. Skylines by Otik on Psyops (Solar Body)
  9. 16th Raid by Kabin on 16th Raid - Single (Mechanical)
  10. Love Has Boundaries by Pleasure Jail on Love Has Boundaries (Hotflush)
  11. Blood Moon (Extended Mix) by Dub Phizix on SENKA009 - Single (SenkaSonic)
  12. Future Sight by Laced on Caustic Reverie - EP (All Centre)
  13. In Your Eyes by Tommy the Cat on Cosmik Connection (Unknown To The Unknown)
  14. Things You Don't Do by Mani Festo & Denham Audio on Continuum-Z (E-Beamz)
  15. Gone But Not Forgotten by Fanu on Zero Two (straight up breakbeat)
  16. Ocean Blue (feat. Amy Kisnorbo) by Crypticz on Between Dust & Time (Western Lore)
  17. Temples by Arcane on Labyrinth (Rua Sound)
  18. Reflector Dub by Aeon Four on Reflector Dub (straight up breakbeat)
  19. How the River Flows by Tommy the Cat on Continuum-Z (E-Beamz)
  20. Redemption Arc by D. Tiffany & Roza Terenzi on Edge of Innocence (Delicate records)
  21. Fever by J. Albert on Good Music Mixtape, Vol. 1 (J. Albert Productions)
  22. Dreamin by Ell Murphy & Mani Festo on Turning - Single (Jucey tunes)
  23. My Girl by Coco Bryce on My Girl - Single (7th Storey Projects)