sleeves on hearts - may 27 2022


  1. Say Yes! / Around The World by The Creatures on Hai! (Instinct (2003))

    happy 65th bday Siouxsie Sioux!

  2. Triple Sun by Coil on The Ape of Naples (Threshold House (2005))
  3. The Same by The Smile on A Light for Attracting Attention (Self Help Tapes (2022)) New
  4. Sea, Swallow Me by Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins on The Moon And The Melodies (4AD (1986))
  5. Aria Populaire by Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes on Ame Debout (Phillips (1971))
  6. Cry To Me by Betty Harris on Cry To Me / I'll Be A Liar (Jubilee (1963))
  7. Chained To A Memory by Dusty Springfield on Where Am I Going (Philips (1967))
  8. Memory by Hamilton Yarns on Outside (Self Released (2021))
  9. Memory In The Screen by Chihei Hatakeyama on Late Spring (Gearbox (2021))
  10. Remember by Moondog on Moondog 2 (Columbia (1971))
  11. Time Glitch by Duster on Together (Numero Group (2022)) New
  12. i'm remembering! by OHYUNG on imagine naked! (NNA Tapes (2022)) New
  13. You'll Have To Scream Louder by Tindersticks on Distractions (City Slang (2021))
  14. Decide by Lifetones on For A Reason (Light In The Attic (2016/1983))
  15. Loving You by Wet Leg on S/T (Domino (2022)) New
  16. Kuff by Shelly Thunder on Kuff 12" (Witty (1988))
  17. Get Off Your Ass and Jam by Funkadelic on Let's Take It to the Stage (Westbound (1975))
  18. Truth No Lie by Ibibio Sound Machine on Electricity (Merge (2022)) New
  19. Lies by Asha Puthli on S/T (CBS (1973))
  20. You Are Not To Blame by Julius Smack on Serenity (Leaving (2022)) New
  21. You Can't Blame Me by Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr on This Is Lowrider Soul Vol 2 (Kent Soul (2021/1971))
  22. Somebody Save Me by The Staples Jr SIngers on When Do We Get Paid? (Luaka Bop (2022/1975)) New
  23. Sivaya by Alice Coltrane on Transcendence (Warner Bros (1977))
  24. El Hijo Del Sol by El Polen on Fuera De La Ciudad (Lion Productions (2012/1973))
  25. Quiescence by Mas Aya on Máscaras (Telephone Explosion (2021))
  26. Waiting For The Night by Depeche Mode on Violator (Sire (1990))
  27. Leave by Tapani Rinne & Juha Mäki-Patola on Open (Hush Hush (2022)) New