coffee sada - 02

A funky deep house mix for your Saturday night! In this episode, I recorded a mix that features artists and record labels from around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland, and Columbia. In this episode, I also briefly talk about the history of house music and also give tips on how to find electronic music from around the world.


  1. Longing For U by Tour-Maubourg (Noir & Blanche)
  2. Traveller by Boshan Montes on Traveller (Suprematic)
  3. I Know You by Dos on Can't Even (Nerang Recordings)
  4. Cream by Claptone on Cream (Exploited)
  5. Ventana Al Tiempo by Felipe Gordon on Superimposition EP (Noire & Blanche)
  6. Dance To The Beat by Marius Acke on Crucial Traxx 2 (Self-Published)
  7. I Feel So Good by Marius Acke on Crucial Traxx 2 (Self-Published)
  8. Climactic Conditions by DJ Natural Wine (Star-Local records) Info
  9. Tell Me by Marius Acke on Crucial Traxx 2 (Self-Published) Info
  10. Ohh by Mood II Swing on I See You Dancing (Groove On) Info
  11. Remember by Danny Snowden on Remember (PIV) Info
  12. Break
  13. Remember Me by Dilby (Glasgow Underground) Info
  14. I Feel For You by Bob Sinclar on I Feel For You (Pschent Music)
  15. Into Air by Edd on Fresh Pepper (Kombava)