The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Magnetic Skies & DJ Baron (Los Angeles) 6/14/22


  1. Fading Lights by Magnetic Skies on Fading Lights single (Reprint)
  2. Raindrops by Corlyx feat. Massive Ego on Raindrops single (Out Of Line)
  3. Christine by The House Of Love on The House Of Love (Creation)
  4. Heroes Anymore by The Spiritual Bat on Mission:Create (Swiss Dark Nights)
  5. Oxytocin by Drab Majestry on Modern Mirror (Dais)
  6. Outside by Magnetic Skies on Outside single (Reprint)
  7. Nine Hours Later by Lycia on The Burning Circle And Then Dust (Projekt)
  8. Never Deep by Shad Shadows on Prismatic (Wave Tension)
  9. Not A Fire by Magnetic Skies on Not A Fire single (Reprint)
  10. Phantom Heart by LEATHERS on Reckless (Artoffact)