Tuff Signals 79


  1. I Was Lost by The Rippers on I Was Lost 7 (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  2. DEBT by SIN BAD on UNTITLED 2014 DEMO (Self Released)
  3. Mr. Tone by Tempura Nights (Self Released)
  4. Last Year by Joanna Gruesome on Peanut Butter (Slumberland Records)
  5. Bananazz by The Peekaboos on Whatever Happened Happened (Self-Released)
  6. A Dog by JEFF The Brotherhood on LAMC #15 (LAMC)
  7. Hellraiser by Colleen Green on LAMC #15 (LAMC)
  8. Hold Your Tongue by Atlantic Thrills on Day At The Beach (Almost Ready Records)
  9. No Rules by Mother's Children - Split 45 with the mandates - 2015 - chicago by Mother's Children on Split 45 with the Mandates (Self Released)
  10. Serotonin Blues by Burnside Eleven on Cheap Diamonds (Retard Records)
  11. 66$ by Travel Check on Go!Zilla / Travel Check (Retard Records)
  12. Loud Underneath by R. Ring on Protomartyr/R. Ring split 7 (Pavement PR)
  13. Booored by Magic Potions on Melt EP (PNKSLM Recordings)
  14. No Place to Fall by Warm Soda on 7 (Southpaw Records)
  15. I'm Dead by Broken Talent on Rules No One (Floriday's Dying)
  16. Life Stinks by Sulphur Lights (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  17. Gutted by Crow Baby on Demos (Self Released)
  18. Take It As It Comes by Wimps on Super Me (Kill Rock Stars)
  19. Dim The Lights by Wild Ones on Heatwave (Self Released)
  20. Nightlife by Mrs. Magician on Strange Heaven (Self Released)
  22. Melt by The Strange Land on The Strange Land (Self Released)
  23. Ties You Up by Ex-Cult on Midnight Passenger (Goner Records)
  24. Low Falutin' by Golden Pelicans on Longest Line 12 (Total Punk Records)
  25. Time Works by Lazy on Goodbye Boozy (Time Works 7)
  26. Savage Mind by Aquarian Blood on Record Store Day 2015 Release (Goner Records)
  27. Steve B Goode by Rik and His Pigs on Demos (Lumpy Records)
  28. Echo Beach by Ausmuteants on Mates Rates 7 (HoZac Records)
  29. Brand New Kid by The Raydios on Brand New Kid EP (Solvenly Records)
  30. Like a Magnet by Treehouse on Gathering the Dreams (Plumb Stop)