Black Girl Joy Episode 92

Featuring Purple Heart, Kidd Kenn, poolblood, Syreeta, Jordan Occasionally, Connie Diiamond, Idman and more!


  1. My Hero by stories, Jennah Bell (Pockets, Inc.)
  2. BARELY WOKE by Moor Mother, Wolf Weston on Jazz Codes (Anti)
  3. Jin-Go-La-Ba (Jin-Go-Low-Bah) by Babatunde Olatunji on Drums of Passion (Sony)
  4. Pachorra do Dotô by MULAMBA on Será Só Aos Ares (PWR)
  5. NBPQ (Topless) by Sudan Archives (Stones Throw)
  6. Watina - Synapson Remix by Calypso Rose, the Garifuna Collective, Synapson (Because Music)
  7. Postcards from the Sun by Purple Heart on Postcards from the Sun (1584996 Records DK)
  8. Will I See U? by Benét, Mamalarky (Bayonet/Fire Talk)
  9. its another track innit by Tyesha (listener)
  10. Your Love Was A Gift by Mykki Blanco, Diana Gordon, Sam Buck (Transgressive)
  11. Human by Anieszka (Self-Released)
  12. goddamnit by Jasmin Savoy (Self-Released)
  13. Alright by Markis Precise, Chantae Cann (Ineffable)
  14. On the Yard by Principle, Yani Mo (Infinite Companion)
  15. Want Not A Need by Kidd Kenn, Baby Tate (Def Jam)
  16. Coneheads by Abby Jasmine on Who Cares? (Cinematic Music Group)
  17. Don't Come Back by Lava La Rue (Marathon Artists)
  18. Flowers by Tayla Parx on Single (Tayla Made, Inc.)
  19. twinkie by poolblood (Next Door)
  20. What's A Monday by Jae Stephens (Jae Stephens/Raedio LLC)
  21. Grown & Sexy by P Nut (Self-Released)
  22. Sip of My Sip by Cakes da Killa, Sevndeep (Young Art)
  23. Nobody's Body by Monifah on Moods...Moments (Universal)
  24. Black Maybe by Syreeta on Syreeta (Universal)
  25. Sensory Overload by Mapei on Sensory Overload (Amuseio AB)
  26. Come Unto Me (Sparkling) by Lotic on Sparkling Water (Houndstooth)
  27. Fatigue by L'Rain on Fatigue (Mexican Summer LLC)
  28. Before I Prosper by Ayoni on Single (Good Partners)
  29. If You Want My Love by Jordan Occasionally (Jordan Ocassionally/Genuis Distro)
  30. LET IT RAIN by Levan Kali (Independent)
  31. Look At What I'm Doing To You by Idman (Arista)
  32. BOTTLE OF RAIN by Kayzo, POORSTACY on Single (Welcome)
  33. Bodies by Crystal Murray, Tommy Gold (99GINGER)
  34. If I Want To by Connie Diiamond on Single (1198033 Records DK)