The Hanging Garden Radio Show: Dark Dancing Across The USA Part 1 7/12/22


  1. Love U More by ACTORS on Acts Of Worship (Artoffact)
  2. Urban Failure (Broken Nails Remix) by The Coventry on A Short Story EP (Swiss Dark Nights)
  3. Danger by Minuit Machine on Don't Run From The Fire EP (Synth Religion)
  4. Spirit '83 by New Canyons on Heavy Water (FeelTrip)
  5. Wild Swan by Lowlife on Permanent Sleep (Nightshift)
  6. VVitch by R U I N K R Ô S on VVitch single (self released/Bandcamp)
  7. Ragnarok (Uncreated Remix) by Vanguard on Ragnarok single (Infacted)
  8. Rosaries and Requiems by Anders Manga on Andromeda (self released/Bandcamp)
  9. Stronghold by Angels & Agony on Avatar (Metropolis)
  10. New Drugs by Dead When I Found Her on The Bottom (Artoffact)
  11. Leave With Us by Prosthetic Patient on Leave With Us single (self released/Bandcamp)
  12. Fight by unitcode:machine on Themes For A Collapsing Empire (self released/Bandcamp)
  13. Die Strasse Der Verdamnis by Dorsetshire on Das Letzte Gefecht (Off Beat)
  14. Stripdown by Agent Side Grinder on A/X (Metropolis)
  15. Scarred by White Mansion on Zeitgeist Vol. 5 compilation (Cold Transmission)
  16. Burn by Cocksure on Draven's Mixtape: 1994 Revisited (Distortion)
  17. Skin And Lye by Malign on Shatter And Impale (Anubis)
  18. See Bear by Kiberspassk on See Bear (Out Of Line)
  19. Swamp Thing by The Chameleons on Strange Times (Polydor)
  20. Deaf Pursuit by Wingtips on Exposure Therapy (Artoffact)
  21. Eternal Truth by Love + Revenge on Angel EP (Trisol)