1. Important 2 / Hate, Meet Fate by Lockah on It Gets More Cloudy... (Donky Pitch)
  2. Alone by PETIT BISCUIT (Electro Posé Records)
  3. Home (ft. Anatomy) by Mount Dreams
  4. since u asked by swim good x Merival on shh029: swim good x Merival
  5. Monster by Jacob Banks on Paradox
  6. Help Me by foodoo
  7. It's Okay If You Don't Want To Say Anything, I'll Just Say Nothing Too by Mount Bank on Island Life (Donky Pitch)
  8. Games In The Yard (ft. Matilde Davoli)(Ital Tek Absolut Remix) by Indian Wells on Pause LP (Bad Panda Records)
  9. I Know It's You by Gaps on In, Around The Moments (I/AM/ME)
  10. Life in Clay by Koloto on shh027: Koloto (Secret Songs)
  11. Choreograph by Gilligan Moss on Ceremonial EP (AMF Records)
  12. Turning (Flume Remix) by Collarbones (Future Classic / Two Bright Lakes)
  13. Deicide by Crystal Castles
  14. I Can't Control Myself (Doss Remix) by Strange Names on Use Your Time Wisely (Frenchkiss)
  15. Dance In Space ✌︎ (Dream Fiend Remix) by Abelard
  16. Cheap Treat (Panda Bear Version) by Eric Copeland on Joke In The Hole (DFA Records)
  17. Moth by Burial & Four Tet (text)
  18. Gold by kiiara
  19. Push Off My Wire (Bliss) by Lockah on It Gets More Cloudy... (Donky Pitch)
  20. a glimpse by rustie on green language (warp)
  21. Where Are Ü Now (Rustie Remix) by Jack Ü