transfiguration #251 purple haze mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Grazalema by David Cordero & KENJI KIHARA on Komorebi 木漏れ日 (Home Normal)
  2. Luca Manuka by Kalli on Taraxia (Goddezz)
  3. KCL1 by Lackluster on Still In My Arms: Compiled by Bayu and Moopie (A Colourful Storm)
  4. Last Day Last Dance by rRoxymore on 'i Wanted More' (Simple Records / AUS Music - a division of K7 Music GmbH)
  5. Avian Glide by Cool Maritime on Big Earth Energy (Western Vinyl)
  6. This Beautiful Cage by Remotif on A Passionate Evening in the Igloo Tragique (Silver Dollar Club)
  7. Breathe by Zara on Di Plastica (Salt Mines)
  8. Fine Pink Mist by Purelink on Purelink (UwU Dust Bath)
  9. Bleu by Holo on In Limbo (Ellipse Records)
  10. Callin' It Quits (Ghost Phone Remix) by Miljon on Callin' It Quits (Ghost Phone Remix) - Single (Studio Barnhus)
  11. Keep On (feat. Ouri) by Seb Wildblood & Ouri on Keep On (feat. Ouri) - Single (all my thoughts)
  12. Sonder by Barry Can't Swim on More Content (Technicolour)
  13. Earth Moves (Hidden Spheres Remix) by Francis Harris on Thresholds (Remixes) (Scissor And Thread)
  14. Pearls (feat. Jessica Roch) by Clive From Accounts on Pearls - Single (Dirt Crew Recordings)
  15. Tranquil (Bobo's 4am Mix) by Sonic Juncture on Tranquil (ANDRAS Records Ltd)
  16. Our Love Is the Place (Baltra Remix) by Placid Angles on Touch the Earth Remixes (Figure)
  17. Who Knows by Crimsen on Imprint Vol. 15 (W&O Street Tracks)
  18. Parlementia by Cosmonection & Maoke on Parlementia - Single (Cosmonection)
  19. Dreamscape by Mr. Sosa on Floating (Viceworks Records)
  20. True (Extended Mix) by Mr. Sosa on Needwant 100, Pt. 1 [feat. JessB & Nova] (Needwant - a division of Material Music)
  21. I Don't Know!! by Finn on Everything Is Alright (2 B REAL)
  22. Right As the Sun Goes by Anthony Naples on Swerve (Running Back)
  23. Cirrus Dreamz by Adam BFD on Rose (Lobster Theremin)
  24. Soft Focus by Jon Sable on Endorphin Loops (In Dust We Trust)
  25. Dreaming of Sunflowers by Parris on South of South West Waves / Dreaming of Sunflowers - Single (Peach Discs)