The Infinite Kaleidoscope 72 "Awakening"

You are entering the Infinite Kaleidoscope. An hour where we can just close our eyes, drift off and forget about reality. Enjoy.

Things I enjoyed during my self isolation:

BBC Punk Britannia Part 1-3 on YouTube

Synth Britannia

Kate Bush Day (made me cry)

Paper Girls TV Series

The Sandman (based off Neil Gaiman's comic series)

Watching LiveAid (1985) videos from the official Live Aid channelLink Text

Brijean (local Bay Area band) "Take a Trip" new music video, it's super cute and creative!


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  3. To Recall (Remastered) by Gloria de Oliveira on Fascination (℗ 2020 Reptile Music)
  4. Disintegration by Primal Wound on Disintegration - Single (℗ 2021 Manimal Group, LLC) Local
  5. Reap the Wild Wind (2009 Remaster) by Ultravox on Quartet (Remastered Definitive Edition) (℗ 2009 Chrysalis Records Limited)
  6. We Were Never Lost by Causeway on We Were Never Lost (℗ 2022 Italians Do It Better) New
  7. Nag, Nag, Nag by Cabaret Voltaire on Nag Nag Nag (℗ 2010 Mute Records)
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  9. Pause by James Righton on Jim, I'm Still Here (℗ 2022 James Righton under exclusive license to DEEWEE & Because Music) New
  10. All the Time by CASTLEBEAT on Half Life (℗ 2022 Spirit Goth Records) New
  11. Danser by The Operator on After Dark 4 (℗ 2022 Italians Do It Better)
  12. New Pleasures by Arp on New Pleasures (℗ 2022 Mexican Summer) New
  13. Take a Trip by Brijean on Angelo (℗ 2022 Ghostly International) New Local
  14. Miracle Fruit by Molly Lewis on Mirage - EP (℗ 2022 Jagjaguwar) New
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