Professional Fans Radio - 7/13/15


  1. Burning Up by PICNICTYME on Sea Monsters
  2. Sparks by Beach House on Depression Cherry (Sup Pop)
  3. Sleep Talk by Diet Cig on Sleep Talk / Dinner Date 7'' (Father/Daughter Records)
  4. Down by Nyquill
  5. Hands Up by Ducky on You On Top (B Yrself Records)
  6. Thirstin' by Jack J on Thirstin' 12 (Future Times)
  7. On A Wave ft. Tinashe by Drake
  8. Oh Baby by Tom Misch on Beat Tape 2
  9. Matter ft. Felicia Douglass by BAILE on Matter (Color Station)
  10. Fashion (David Bowie Cover) by Desert Sound Colony on Cracks In My Soul (Scissor and Thread)
  11. Sleeping Bear by Eskimeaux
  12. Motorcycle by Helen on Original Faces (Cranky)
  13. Tracers by Painted Palms on Horizons (Polyvinyl)
  14. Nasty Grrls by Childbirth on Women’s Rights (Suicide Squeeze)
  15. Double Talk by Jaakko Eino Kalevi on Dreamzone (Weird World Record Co.)
  16. All Blacked Out by Cleo Tucker
  17. Healthier Folk by Palehound on Dry Food (Exploding In Sound)
  18. Burnin Sugar by Silicon on Personal Computer (Weird World Record Co)
  19. Roses XOXO by Abra (Awful Records)
  20. Melody by Plustwo
  21. When Your Life Feels Like A Loss by De Lux on Generation (Innovative Leisure)
  22. Shackles (HMD edit) by n/a
  23. Mezzanine by The Galleria on Calling Card / Mezzanine EP (Environ)
  24. She Talks Too Much by Elohim on She Talks Too Much 12
  25. Watch Me by Silento (Capitol)