ugliest son radio — episode 8 — sf heat


  1. Underground by Ben Folds Five on Ben Folds Five (Caroline)
  2. Broken Knee Caps by Cosmic Kitten on You Gotta Understand (Whatever Works)
  3. Fly Swatter by Wine Lips on Stressor (Self-Released)
  4. Cups of Tea by The Phlegms on The Phlegms — EP (Self-Released)
  5. For the Summer by Sands on Pachinko — EP (Self-Released)
  6. Deadshit by Dennis Cometti on Dennis Cometti (Bargain Bin)
  7. Featured My Life is a Freak Show by Kal Marks on My Name is Hell (Exploding in Sound)

    New Show @ the Golden Bull on Sept 21st

  8. Featured Pamela by Pegzilla (Self-Released)

    Show @ Golden Bull in Oct 20th

  9. Featured Bells by Eyecandy on The Promontory (The Ghost Is Clear)

    Show @ Adobe Books on Sept 3rd — Oxnard, CA

  10. Featured Puppets by Grooblen on One of Four (Self-Released)

    Local Show @ Adobe Books on Sept 3rd

  11. Daydreamer by 1-800-Mikey on Plushy (Under the Gun)
  12. Lite Dream by Diarrhea Planet on I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (Infinity Cat)
  13. Word Around Town (feat. Tony Molina) by Violent Change on Violent Change (Self-released) Local
  14. Carmen Cortez by Mint (Pacific Nature)
  15. Drought by Carpool Tunnel (Sound B) Local
  16. Featured Haunt My Home by Treasures on Gold Rush City (Self-released)

    New Local Show at Thee Parkside Sept 3rd

  17. More Slore by Trash Vampires on Yardwaste (self-released) Local
  18. Featured Rubberband by Big Fun on Oogley Boogley (Guttertech Worldwide)

    Show @ Rickshaw Stop Sept 3rd

  19. Gnar Gnar Kickflip McTwisty by Ghosting on Never Better — EP (Self-Released) Local
  20. Day Dreams by Milk for the Angry (Self-Released) Local
  21. 98 Civic by Funny Face House on Dog in Hell (Youth Riot) Local
  22. Featured Man Man by Gumby's Junk on Apple House (Slang Church)

    Local Show @ ATA Gallery Sept 3rd

  23. Dogs by Polkadot on Feeling Okay (Self-Released) Local
  24. Rip Curl Sweatshirt by Trestles on Rip Curl Sweatshirt (Speedwalker) Local
  25. Gelatinous Cube by Thee Oh Sees on A Weird Exits (Castle Face) Local
  26. Poseidon by In Flow (Livewire)
  27. Kiss Me by Natural Rat on Eternal Tourist — EP (Kelsie Cannon)
  28. Pointy Boots by Sailor Poon on Sailor Poon's First Album (Self-Released)
  29. Do What I Want by Furnsss on Furnsss — EP (Mission 6)
  30. make up ur mind by Blix on make up ur mind (Self-Released)
  31. Text by Combat on Text Me When You Get Back (Chillwavve)
  32. Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits on Dire Straits (Warner)
  33. Who Loves the Sun by The Velvet Underground on Loaded (Atlantic)
  34. Standing at the Station by Ty Segall on Lemons (Goner) Local
  35. Stoned and Starving by Parquet Courts on Light Up Gold (What's Your Rupture?)
  36. Space Rock by Weezer on Maladroit (Geffen)