transfiguration #255 entangled in the vine mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Nutrition ~ Microorganisms In The Darkness Of Life ~ by Tenka on Hydration (Métron Records)
  2. Jal by Talvin Singh on Simmerdim: Curlew Sounds (RSPB / Merlyn Driver)
  3. Kläppen II by Golden Ivy on Kläppen (Malmö Inre)
  4. Fin Immature by Salamanda on Taraxia (Goddezz)
  5. Shikantaza by Taro Nohara on Hyper Nu Age Tekno (Growing Bin Records)
  6. The Flower, The Bird and the Mountain, Pt.1 by The Kyoto Connection on The Flower, The Bird and the Mountain (Isle Of Jura Records)
  7. Elegant, Golden by Halftribe on Elegant, Golden (Dronarivm)
  8. Singtree by Solar Quest on Orgship (Crammed Discs)
  9. Riversong by Ellarald on Studia Spiritual (12th Isle)
  10. Cosmical Nectar (Outro) by Saphileaum on Ganbana (Not Not Fun)
  11. Tale of Mountain by 222 on Song For Joni (Studio Mule)
  12. Éxtasis by Devseb on About That Night (Devseb)
  13. Waterwavesarrival (feat. Jesse Peterson) by Carlos Niño & Friends on Extra Presence (International Anthem Recording Co.)
  14. Light Shines In by Multi-Surface on Aesthetics of Inequality Triangles (Not Not Fun)
  15. Discovered Endstate Always by M. Geddes Gengras on Expressed, I Noticed Silence (Hausu Mountain)
  16. High Temple by Coral Club on Lost Cities (Moon Glyph)
  17. Amorpha by Bitchin Bajas on Bajascillators (Drag City)
  18. SIDE A by desert sand feels warm at night on 水​に​流​す (Geometric Lullaby)