1. Miracles (feat Ty Segall) by Bill Callahan, Bonnie Prince Billy, Ty Segall on Miracles (feat Ty Segall) (Drag City)
  2. Under the Blue Sky by Kidi Band on So Good (Earth Libraries)
  3. The Story by Neighbor on The Story (Neighbor)
  4. Party Store by Cindy on 1:2 (Mt.St.Mtn.)
  5. Anna Calls From The Arctic by Dry Cleaning on Stumpwork (4AD)
  6. I Am the Car by Fake Fruit on I Am the Car (Fire Talk)
  7. Holding Pattern by Allah Lahs on LAHS (Mexican Summer)
  8. At the Mercy of Puppet Masters by Big Search on Channel Islands (30th Century Records)
  9. Mystic Woman by Glenn Annie on Nite Tan (Glenn Annie)
  10. Phase One Million by Vanishing Twin on Ookii Gekkou (Fire)
  11. Purpose by Sonoda on Purpose (Sonoda)
  12. Monkey Disco by The Babe Rainbow on The Babe Rainbow (Sony Music Entertainment)
  13. Going Down by King Khan & BBQ Show on Going Down (In The Red Records)
  14. Chillantro by Miranda and the Beat on Such A Fool (Third Man)
  15. Motion by ASTU on Motion (Boyish Records)
  16. 5 hour drive by 4est green, DEON BROWN on 5 hour drive (Samuel Alatorre)
  17. Yemmpa Aba by Ata Kak on Obaa Sima (Awesome Tapes)
  18. Hot Slots by Nico Georis on A Rainbow in Curved Air (Spiritual Pajamas)
  19. Tears Through a Sunrise by Daniel Romano on Cobra Poems (You've Changed)
  20. Crashed Out by Beach Fossils on Clash the Truth (Bayonet Records)
  21. Pictionary by Peel Dream Magazine on Pictionary (Slumberland)
  22. Red Castles by Legendary Pink Dots on Electrical Language (Cherry Red)
  23. Hey Babe by The House Of Love on Hey Babe (Shine On)
  24. Pink Frost by The Chills on Kaleidoscope World (Expanded Edition) (Flying Nun Records)
  25. Someone to Love by Drugdealer on Someone to Love (Mexican Summer)
  26. Goodbye Ghost by La Luz on La Luz (Hardly Art)
  27. A Minha Menina by Os Mutantes on "Os Mutantes" (Universal)
  28. Cry For Another by Claude Fontaine on Claude Fontaine (Innovative Leisure)
  29. Modern Weekend by Sextile on Modern Weekend/Contortion (Felte)