Episode 1: Rat Soup


  1. My Girlfriend [Explicit] by Duwap Kaine on A Dogg's Influence (Duwap Kaine)
  2. Girls by Aithuia on Girls (Self-Released)
  3. Wassup by Blackkray (Self-Released)
  4. Beg For It. #jerseyclub by B. Goodie on Beg For It. (Self-Released)
  5. here comes the sun (prod. prblm) by David Shawty (Self-Released)
  6. time loop by hhhhhh• (Self-Released)
  7. (TωT*) by Doris on (TωT*) (Self-Released)
  8. brand new srt (full leak) by Playboi Carti on brand new srt (full leak) (Leak)
  9. Delta Man - "weatherman"(Injury Time) by Closed Form (C.R.A) on Delta Man - "weatherman"(Injury Time) (Self-Released)
  10. stuff prod irusu by zergberger on stuff prod irusu (Self-Released)
  11. 4REAL by 454 on 4REAL (Self-Released)
  12. Main Menu by Kazumi Totaka on Nintendo Wii Music Collection (Nintendo)
  13. lonely nights in ny (prod. evilgiane) by Babyxsosa (Surf Gang)
  14. can’t let go w/ osei by kynlary (Self-Released)
  15. Bts 2 by love life all the time (Self-Released)
  16. Cancun by Playboi Carti on Cancun (Leak)
  17. dante red type beat (greentop) by zergberger (Self-Released)
  18. Memo Yeah That's Fine Man by Snowing on Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit (Square of Opposition)
  19. Don't Come Around Here No More (please) by The Brave Little Abacus on Okumay (Quote Unquote)
  20. my ass just hit the ground so hard by law (Self-Released)
  21. Bhack Dwhore (Prod FoolieDude + Jeremy Crescendo) by Jeremy Crescendo (Self-Released)
  22. T___T by love life all the time (Self-Released)
  23. Clover by Zephyr (Self-Released)
  24. Luv Me Again (Prod. Jeremy Crescendo} by Jeremy Crescendo (Self-Released)
  25. Nun To Me (Unreleased) by Sugarhill Keem on Nun To Me (Unreleased) (Leak)
  26. Travis Scott - Hell Of A Night (Instrumental First Part Looped) by Travis Scott / $vengali on Travis Scott - Hell Of A Night (Instrumental First Part Looped) (Self-Released)
  27. Smile by E+E on Smile - EP (Self-Released)
  28. 24 Hours by Kanye West on DONDA (GOOD; Def Jam)
  29. Kanye West - Bound 1 (Original 2012 Version) Remake by Kanye West / chictapi on Kanye West - Bound 1 (Original 2012 Version) Remake (Self-Released)
  30. lovely w/ kaido by scruff (Self-Released)
  31. reservations by DORIS on reservations (Self-Released)
  32. U/Draco (DJ Seinfeld + Future Remix) by DJ Cutie Pie on U/Draco (DJ Seinfeld + Future Remix) (Self-Released)
  33. Ctrl Alt Del by Corbin on Ghost With Skin (CORBIN)
  34. a song about our feelings, featuring blackwinterwells by d0llywood1 (Self-Released)
  35. Interlude (prod. by gandorF + mvgnolia) by HAZEY on Superstar The Mixtape (Self-Released)
  36. SKITTLES [PROD. 454] by 454 (Self-Released)