New Vibes w/@Jon_Digital - Episode 21 09/17/22

Reflections of the universe. Wear headphones.


  1. The Eleventh Hour by Matthew Halsall on The Temple Within (Gondwana Records) New
  2. Mania by Daphni on Mania EP (Jiaolong) New
  3. Crash by Slikback on Type_ EP (slikback) New
  4. Heartaches by Mark E (Delusions of Grandeur) New
  5. GONNA DESERVE BETTA [Infinite Zonez Edit 2] [feat. RP Boo, Opal Hoyt & DJ Taye] by Suzi Analogue on GONNA DESERVE BETTA [Infinite Zonez Edit 2] [feat. RP Boo, DJ Taye & Opal Hoyt] (Disciples) New
  6. I'm the One (feat. Bernard Fowler, Nile Rodgers, Bill Laswell, Michael Beinhorn) by Material on One Down (Celluloid New York)
  7. Break
  8. World B. Free by Bitchin Bajas on Bajascillators (Drag City) New
  9. Luvin U by immy (immy) New
  10. Scatter by Ghost Funk Orchestra on A New Kind of Love (Karma Chief Records) New
  11. A2 by Civilistjävel! on Järnnätter (FELT) New
  12. Move On Fast by Yoko Ono on Approximately Infinite Universe (Secretly Canadian)
  13. Doshy's Portal by Kelly Green, Luca Soul Rosenfeld & Daniel Carter on Endings That Are Beginnings (Green Soul Studios) New
  14. Compact Flashes by No Age on People Helping People (Drag City) New
  15. Nagual by Meditations on Crime, Geneva Jacuzzi & Harper Simon (AntiFragile Music) New
  16. Circuit 15 by Moiré on Circuits (Avenue 66) New
  17. Mundo de Deus É Grande by Rafael de Lemba on Quando os Berimbaus Se Encontram (Rafael de Lemba)
  18. Kakapo Strigops by Hippies Wearing Muzzles on Animist Pools (Human Pitch) New
  19. Yield by cktrl (cktrl) New