transfiguration #257 balmy weight lifters mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Lightened by Temporal孤独 on Lost (Geometric Lullaby)
  2. An Interlude In Paradise by Jura Soundsystem on Return to the Island (Isle Of Jura Records)
  3. Rainfall Ascension by Moody Bats on Mirage (Moody Bats)
  4. Decide the Things of the Future in the Future by Mabisyo on Seasoning The Sample V.2 (Doki Doki Beats)
  5. Life Force (feat. Chocola B) by A Taut Line on Life Force (feat. Chocola B) - Single (Diskotopia)
  6. たった今 by PERMANENT//ZEIMP on Loveless (doki doki beats)
  7. 永遠にあなたのもの by Pyroglyphics on おやすみ聖人 (doki doki beats)
  8. HANABI (feat. Palmistry & Mechatok) by Tohji on T-Mix (self released)
  9. When You Realize She Looks Like An Angel by FarragoL on VACUUM (doki doki beats)
  10. Living This Way by Passive Refraction on Happy Music for Sad Kids (geometric lullaby)
  11. 恋人の高い by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 on アンタラ通信 (Dream Catalogue)
  12. Eyes Without a Face (ZYX Extended Version) by Robert Sandrini on Occhi Su Di Me / Eyes Without a Face (ZYX Music)
  13. Blues Drugi by Pejzaż on Wyspa (Bartosz Kruczyński)
  14. "2BC1" by Hysterical Love Project on "2BC1" (Motion Ward)
  15. Eyes Within by Gloria de Oliveira & Dean Hurley on Oceans of Time (Sacred Bones Records)
  16. Lamp by Noah on Noire (flau)
  17. 屋根の上より by Metoronori on Evenings (Glossy Mistakes)
  18. Outside by Eddie Chacon on Pleasure, Joy and Happiness (Day End Records)
  19. Box Garden by Yuta Matsumura on Red Ribbon (Low Company Records)
  20. L-Theanine by exael on Ice That Melts The Tips (3XL)
  21. Beacon by Stone on Earth FF (3XL)
  22. ミーティング by PERMANENT//ZEIMP on Loveless (doki doki beats)
  23. This Modern Life by Sonny Ism on Island Impressions (Northern Underground Records)
  24. Czasami Jestem Ciekaw by Moogy Coast on Koherencja (Horisontal Mambo)
  25. Kiss U by Ela Minus & DJ Python on (Smugglers Way)
  26. Nothing Rests by Coyote on Everything Moves, Nothing Rests (NuNorthern Soul)
  27. Rif Kibdani by Local Artist on Expanding Horizons (Mood Hut Records)
  28. Death (XIII) [Jenn Champion Remix] by Julia Shapiro on Death (XIII) [Jenn Champion Remix] - Single (Suicide Squeeze Records)