Our First Rodeo

Howdy friends!

The first ever broadcast of this show, yeehaw! This is "Riding For the Feeling", a real chill way to start your day.


  1. Wind Chimes in June by Valotihkuu on Fragile Melodies (whitelabrecs)
  2. Riding for the Feeling by Bill Callahan on Apocalypse (Drag City, Inc.)

    our theme song! thank freakin gosh for Bill Callahan

  3. Jonathan by Adrianne Lenker, Buck Meek on a-sides (Saddle Creek)
  4. what if i forget how to play all the songs i wrote on piano by Ricky Eat Acid on Summer Made Me Blue; Summer Gave Me Sky (Ricky Eat Acid (self-release))
  5. Farm by Skullcrusher (Secretly Canadian)
  6. Translucence by Polystyrene on Translucence (Parlophone)
  7. Ocean (feat. Tomberlin) by Young Jesus on Shepherd Head (Saddle Creek) New
  8. Aquarium by Nosaj Thing on Octopus EP (Not on Label)
  9. No One Will Know Where I Went by Hot Sugar on God's Hand (Break World Records)
  10. Aibreann by Lúnasa on Lúnasa (Lunasa Records)
  11. King of Fools by Twain (Keeled Scales) New
  12. Give You My Lovin by Mazzy Star on She Hangs Brightly (Rough Trade Records)