Saturday Morning Soul Salvation


  1. MY Guitar Wants to Kill You by The mothers of Invention on Weasles Ripped My Flesh (Warner)
  2. Let Go To Let GO by The Bees on Octopus (ATO)
  3. Snow White by Destroyer on This Night (4AD)
  4. Hey Snow WHite by Destroyer on This NIght (4AD)
  5. Here Goes NOthing by Amnion on AmenNamo (Oniric)
  6. My Love by Lenny Kravitz on Are You Gonna Go My Way? (Virgin)
  7. Tandem Jump by Jonathan Richman on I, Jonathan (Beserkeley)
  8. Captain Easychord by Stereolab on Sound-Dust (Duophon)
  9. Bone by King Gizzard and the Lizzard on Paper Mache Dream (ATO)
  10. A Clean Break by The Talking Heads on The Name of This Band (Sire)
  11. Jesus Was Way Cool by Liong Missile on Mystical Shit (Shimmy Disc)
  12. London by Noonday Underground on Self Assembly (Blow Up)
  13. I Couldn't Get High by The Fugs on First Album (YSL)
  14. COffin Maker by Chrissy Zebby on Coffin Maker (Chris Editions)
  15. The Dark Don't Hide It by Magnolia Electric Co on What Comes After (Secretly Canadian)
  16. I Want To Know by Lou Reed and the Blind Boys on The Raven (RCA)
  17. Wisdom by The Brian Jonestown Massacre (BOMP)
  18. I want Everything by Cracker on Kerosine Hat (Virgin)
  19. All For The Best by Miracle Legion on Surprise Surprise Surprise (Ensign)
  20. The Glands by I Can See My House From Here on The Glands (New West)
  21. Way Down Now by World Party on Goodbye Dumbo (Ensign)
  22. Girlfriend by Mathew Sweet on Girlfriend (Columbia)
  23. Sexbombe by James Clarken Five on Sexbombe (Favourite)
  24. Sleep on the Left Side by Cornershop on When I Was Born (Columbia)
  25. San Diego Zoo by The 6ths on Wasps Nests (Merge)
  26. Laura Nyro by The Poverty Triain on Eli and the Thirteenth Edition (Columbia)