The Infinite Kaleidoscope 79 “Spooky 1”

You are entering the spooky Infinite Kaleidoscope. An hour where we can just close our eyes, wrap up in our weighted blankets, light some candles, pet a cat, and enjoy the darkness together.


John Carpenter, "Night"

French Police, "FRIEND"

Donovan, "Season of the Witch"

This Mortal Coil, "Sixteen Days / Gathering Dust"

Bauhaus, "Dark Entries"

Ritual Howls, "Rosabelle Believe"

Ministry, "Revenge"

Them Are Us Too, "Eudaemonia"

The Soft Moon, "We Are We"

Cult Club, "Play with Lies"

Snowy Red, "Never Alive"

Wolfsheim, "Once in a Lifetime"

Mica Levi, "Love"

Betsy Brye, "Sleep Walk"

Music under my voice: Goblin, "Suspiria"


  1. Night by John Carpenter on Lost Themes (℗ 2014 Rodeo Suplex, Inc. d/b/a Rodeo Suplex Music under exclusive license to Sacred Bones Records.)
  2. FRIEND by French Police on 1995 - EP (℗ 2022 CRUEL RECORDS) New
  3. Season of the Witch by Donovan on Sunshine Superman (℗ Originally Released 1966 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.)
  4. Sixteen Days / Gathering Dust by This Mortal Coil on Dust & Guitars (Remastered) (℗ 2011 4AD Ltd)
  5. Dark Entries by Bauhaus on In the Flat Field (℗ 1980 4AD Ltd)
  6. Rosabelle Believe by Ritual Howls on Ritual Howls (10 Year Deluxe Edition) (℗ 2022 felte) New
  7. Revenge by Ministry on With Sympathy (℗ 1983 Arista Records LLC)
  8. Eudaemonia by Them Are Us Too on Part Time Punks (℗ 2015 Dais Records)
  9. We Are We by The Soft Moon on The Soft Moon (℗ 2010 Captured Tracks)
  10. Play with Lies by Cult Club on Play with Lies (℗ 2016 Domestica Records)
  11. Never Alive by Snowy Red on The Right To Die (℗ 2011 OnderStroom)
  12. Once In a Lifetime by Wolfsheim on Spectators (℗ 1999 Strange Ways Records)
  13. Love by Mica Levi on Under the Skin (Original Soundtrack Album) (℗ 2014 Rough Trade Records Ltd., under exclusive license to Milan Entertainment, Inc.)
  14. Sleep Walk by Betsy Brye on Sleep Walk - Single (℗ 2013 Canadian American)
  15. Suspiria by Goblin on Suspiria (Colonna sonora originale del film) (℗ 2010 Cinevox)