Vibe CNTRL Radio EP# 3

Welcome to the third episode of Vibe CNTRL Radio, hosted by yours truly, BlckSpkz, on BFF.FM BEST FREQUENCIES FOREVER. 🌟 Celebrating my 14th year in the eclectic city of San Francisco, this episode is a journey through my diverse background. During this episode, I spotlight some incredible bands and groups I've had the privilege to work with throughout the years.

Featured Artists

Melvoy, Smash Atoms, Kurse Kew, Virgin Teeth, The Shanghais, Your Fearless Leader, The Palace, Adam Spry, Unlearn the World, Make No Bones, Ezra Teshome, and Sweet Lew and The Sweet and Lowe


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  1. I love you by Melvoy on Midnight Makeup (Melvoy) Local
  2. Interchorus (Early Demo) by Smash Atoms on Interchorus (Smash Atoms) Local
  3. Krew by Kurse Krew on Krew Entertainment (Krew Entertainment) Local
  4. Hello Scorpio by Virgin Teeth on Hello Scorpio (VII Records) Local
  5. Just Friends by The Shanghais on The Shanghais (Surfin' Ki Records) Local
  6. Call my Name by YourFearlessLeader on Call My Name (896067 Records DK2) Local
  7. Assassin by The Palace on Assassin (Golden Palace Records) Local
  8. Brown by Sweet Lew and The Sweet and Lows on From Scratch (Howell Records) Local
  9. Easy Way Out by Adam Spry on One Demensional (Big Honey Records) Local
  10. One Day For Me by Unlearn the World on One Day is Today (Intelligent Design Media Group) Local
  11. Play Loud by Make No Bones on Play Loud (Make No Bones) Local
  12. Diaspora by Ezra on Diaspora (Ezra Teshome) Local