House Of Love Episode #189 Nu-Metal was a thing!!


  1. From This Day by Machine Head on The Burning Red (Roadrunner Records)
  2. Shock The Monkey (Feat, Ozzy Osbourne) by Coal Chamber on Chamber Music (Roadrunner)
  3. Brackish by Kittie on Spit (Indieblu Music)
  4. Genius by Pitchshifter on (Geffen)
  5. Emotional Times by Taproot on Gift (Velvet Hammer)
  6. Black by Sevendust on Sevendust (TVT)
  7. Bleed by Soulfly on Soulfly (Roadrunner Records)
  8. Freak on a Leash by Korn on Follow the Leader (Epic)
  9. Hey Bartender by (Hed) Planet Earth on Broke (Jive)
  10. Stupid Girl by Cold on Year Of The Spider (Geffen)
  11. Giving In by Adema on Adema (Arista)
  12. Synthetic by Spineshank on The Height of Callousness (Raodrunner)
  13. Tainted Love by My Ruin on Speak and Destroy (Spitfire)
  14. I'm So Sick by Flyleaf on Flyleaf (International Version) (Octone Records)
  15. Your Disease by Saliva on Every Six Seconds (Island)
  16. Numb by Linkin Park on Meteora (Warner Bros.)
  17. Bodies by Drowning Pool on Sinner (Wind-Up Entertainment)
  18. Stoopid by Snot on Get Some (Geffen)
  19. Nookie by Limp Bizkit on Significant Other (Interscope)
  20. Headup by Deftones on Around The Fur (Maverick)
  21. Cowboy by Kid Rock on Devil Without A Cause (Atlantic)
  22. Chop Suey! by System Of A Down on Toxicity (American)
  23. Vanishing Shadows (Feat. Gary Numan) by Liela Moss on Internal Working Model (Bella Union) New