New Vibes w/@Jon_Digital - Episode 25 10/29/22

Sleepy end. Wear headphones.

You can read my love letter/review to The Car by Arctic Monkeys here


  1. Daisetsuzan by Sleeping Dogs on Blunt Razor (SpaceFruityRecords) New
  2. Recollection by Elusive on DejaViews (Alpha Pup Records) New
  3. Dusk Disko (feat. los Protos) by Scruscru (Pina Colada Records) New
  4. It's Okay by Takuya Kuroda on Midnight Crisp (First Word Records) New
  5. Hide (Instrumental) by Hovvdy on billboard for my feelings (Grand Jury Music) New
  6. FI3AC2276070 by Aleksi Perälä on UNITY III II (AP Musik) New
  7. Exokind by Burial on Streetlands (Hyperdub) New
  8. Perfect Sense by Arctic Monkeys on The Car (Domino Recording) New
  9. Ticket to LA by Waldo's Gift (Giftshop Records) New
  10. Stranger by Perera Elsewhere on Home (Friends Of Friends) New
  11. Loose Booty by Sly & The Family Stone on Small Talk (Sony)
  12. Shadrach by Beastie Boys on Paul's Boutique (Capitol)
  13. Sunwash by The Soft Pink Truth on Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This? (Thrill Jockey Records) New
  14. Running Man (Remix) by GLOR1A on Running Man (Remix) (GLOR1A) New
  15. Black Excellence (Stay on It) by Loraine James on Building Something Beautiful for Me (Phantom Limb) New
  16. Brakhage by Methyl Ethel & Miya Folick (Future Classic)