The British Are Coming 10-30-2022

Beachtape! The Tubs! Burial! Arctic Monkeys! Hagop Tchaparian + MORE!


  1. Pokit by Beachtape (SR)
  2. Leather by Talk Show on leather (missing piece)
  3. Old Ways by Bleach Lab on Old Ways (Self Released)
  4. THE WALL by Kasabian on the alchemist's euphoria (Columbia)
  5. Run The Credits by Oliver Sim on Hideous Bastard (Young)
  6. Outlines by Porij on ST (oat gang records)
  7. Blue X by Trust Fund on bringing the backline (ellis n jones)
  8. Well Rested by Kero Kero Bonito on Civilisation II (Polyvinyl)
  9. Body Paint by Arctic Monkeys on the car (domino)
  10. Shouting Judas at Bob Dylan by Sugar Horse on the live long after (small pond recordings)
  11. Divebomb by The Go! Team on Single (Memphis Industries)
  12. Danielle (smile on my face) by Fred again.. on Danielle (smile on my face) (Warner Music UK)
  13. New Body Language by Fujiya & Miyagi on slight variations (SR)
  14. Erased By Sunlight by GoGo Penguin on ST (xxim)
  15. Hold Up by Fort Romeau on ST (romantic gestures)
  16. Round by Hagop Tchaparian on bolts (text records)
  17. Bitter by Lime Garden on bitter (so young records)
  18. Sniveller by The Tubs on ST (trouble in mind records)
  19. Words in My Head by Steve Mason on Meet the Humans (Domino)
  20. Unstuck by Sports Team on Gulp! (Bright Antenna)
  21. Mad Mind by Bad Nerves on bad nerves (the music federation)
  22. Closer by Sorry on ST (domino)
  23. HK by Dave Rowntree on HK (cooking vinyl)
  24. f1 Racer by Mount Kimbie on MK 3.5 (Warp)
  25. Inner Peace by Yellow Days on ST (sugar loaf)
  26. Potion by Bibio (warp)
  27. Life's Too Short by Yellow Days on Inner Peace (sugar loaf)
  28. Hospital Chapel by Burial on streetlands EP (Hyperdub)
  29. Yoro Diallo by Egyptian Hip Hop on good don't sleep (R&S Records)