1. Water Broken (The Opening of the Stargate) by Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program on Stargate Music (Leaving)
  2. DAFUK by Hapa & Herzeloyde on Beats for The Conscious Kid (Courteous Family)
  3. Club 2 Streets by Dj Hairloss on SHUBZINVA003 (Shubzin)
  4. Stop Playin Wit Me by DJ Earl & Sonic D on Audio Fixx (self released)
  5. STAY WIT ME by DJ CLENT on single (Beatdown House)
  6. Damn Daniel Ft. DJ Phil by DJ Manny on Footwork Therapy 2 (self released)
  7. TraX Files by Hesk on single (self released)
  8. A Little Help by DJ MANNY, DJ TRE & MEL G on Teklife VIP 2019 (teklife)
  9. BIZZARE CREATIONS VIP by Grandmaster Mahi on Project Bluebelt #2 (The Big Fresh Collective)
  10. I Am the Queen by Jlin on Free Fall (Planet Mu)
  11. Let It Go by DJ Rashad on Rollin’ (Hyperdub)
  12. Far Away (FootMerc Remix) by Doc Scott on single (self released)
  13. Chal Dub by Fracture & Neptune on Gradients Vol 2 (Astrophonica)
  14. Everything Is Getting Dark by Interplanetary Criminal on single (self released)
  15. 165 303 by Luke Vibert on Gradients Volume 2 (Astrophonica)
  16. Toast (Bootleg) by Clipz on single (self released)
  17. IDGAF by Cybereality on Tributo a DJ Rashad (Juke MX)
  18. Next Life Rashad by Juke Dealer on Tributo a DJ Rashad (Juke MX)
  19. Pokemon Battle by DJ 2Tall on Juke World Order Volume 3. [Part Two] (Juke Underground)
  20. RBGY by GHSTSHRK on GHST EP (self released)
  21. OYE! by Kush Jones on RELIEF 2 (self released)
  22. BOYYYYYYY by Sideswipe on Breakbeats From the Uncommonwealth (The Big Fresh Collective)
  23. Cuss Cuss (Crypticz Remix) by Yellowman on FTRAX012 (Forbidden Trax)
  24. XE2 (Particle's XE160 Flip) by Mssingno on single (self released)
  25. Featured Takin' a Ride by PUFF.magic on P&H (Yanked Beats) New
  26. Emerald Juke by Machine Girl on Dred Collective: Vol. 2 (Dred Collective)
  27. Featured Streetwise by PUFF.magic & Hypesteria on P&H (Yanked Beats) New
  28. Tha Flow by DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & Machinedrum on Movin’ Forward (A Tribute to DJ Rashad)
  29. My Heart Belongs To You (Iyer Rework) by Jodeci on FTRAX014 (Forbidden Trax)
  30. Featured HEAVYWEIGHT SOUND by Hypesteria on P&H (Yanked Beats) New
  31. I Need Your Lovin' (BSN Posse Bootleg) by N.R.G. on Summer Madness VOL. 1 (self released)
  32. All I Need by DJ Manny on Signals in my Head (Planet Mu)
  33. Hoohaa by Christoph El Truento on LWMP18 (Cosmic Compositions)
  34. baile juke 2 by Bishop on single (self released)
  35. Favela Tek by CYBEREALITYライフ on Selected Juke Werkz, Vol. 1 (aeronem@)
  36. TRISTEZA by Velaluna on single (self released) Local
  37. I’m Ready by DJ Paypal on single (self released)
  38. Brain Rush by Static on World Wide Juke (Urban)
  39. 02-52-03 by RP Boo on Classics, Volume 1 (Planet Mu)
  40. Oh Woooaaah by DJ Nate on Take Off Mode (Planet Mu)
  41. see in my eyes by Manny on single (self released)
  42. SUMMER MADDNESS by DJ EARL on single (self released)
  43. The Future is Now by DJ Spinn on Off That Loud (Planet Mu)
  44. MASK REQUIRED by Sirr TMo Sama on FOOTWORK FOR FILM & TV (VOL 1) (self released)