Black Girl Joy Episode 104

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Featuring Bymaddz, Siaira Shawn, Sona Jobartehand more!


  1. Baptized by Bymaddz (Hey Bymaddz!)
  2. Bossin' - Unicorn VIP Extended Mix by KYE on Bossin' (Maxi Single) (Sony)
  3. Incredible World by Kilo Kish on AMERICAN GURL: SUPER DELUXE VALUE SIZE (Kisha Soundscapes + Audio)
  4. Affirmations by LadyBlu (4246244 Records DK)
  5. I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Trying) by Rachel Chinouriri (Parlophone)
  6. Racing Home by Siaira Shawn (Over Everything)
  7. Hologram by Forest Claudette (Sony)
  8. Dab by Dur-Dur Band on Volume 1, Volume 2 & Previously Unreleased Tracks (Analog Africa No.27) (Analog Africa)
  9. Fo Yelle by Florence Adooni (Philophon)
  10. Suma by Sona Jobarteh on Fasiya (African Guild)
  11. Aboagyewaa by K. Frimpong, Vis-A-Vis on K. Frimpong backed by Vis-A-Vis (Hot Casa)
  12. Tango by Akofa Akoussah on Akofa Akoussah (Africa Seven)
  13. Carry Me Blak by Ferry Djimmy on Rhythm Revolution (Acid Jazz Acquisitions)
  14. Regard d'une femme by Zap Mama on Odyssée (Self-Released)
  15. Get it Got it by Adi Oasis on Single (Unity)
  16. Acalanto by Luedji Luna (Black Sun)
  17. Off The Top - radio single by Kim Scott (Innervision)
  18. PROGRESSION by HAWA on Single (4AD)
  19. Figures by Gaidaa (On The Webs)
  20. Sunwaves by Joya Mooi on What's Around The Corner (Side A) (Nine and A Half)
  21. mama's little girl (hate the world) by Sie (Self-Released)
  22. Soundboi by a l l i e (Oracle)
  23. Happy Ending by Kelela (Warp)
  24. The Greatest- (From "Reasonable Doubt") by Alice Smith, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad (ABC Signature)
  25. Sleep by Denitia on Highways (County Road)
  26. Fall for You by Arima Ederra on An Orange Colored Day (Arima's Lab)
  27. no fun/party by Kara Jackson (September Recordings)
  28. My Weakness by Denitia on Highways (County Road)
  29. Eclipse by Flower in Bloom, Dave Hirsh (steady:hyperactive)